March 07, 2021

How To Take CBD Tinctures Properly

How To Take CBD Tinctures & Drops, The Right Way

Got yourself a new bottle of CBD tincture, CBD oil, or water-soluble CBD drops? Sweet! Now, to just figure out what to do with that amber-colored CBD liquid….

It couldn’t be simpler. This post swings (and hits!) at all the basics of CBD tinctures and drops:

  • What CBD tinctures and drops are
  • Reasons why folks use CBD tinctures and drops over other formulations
  • Different ways to consume your CBD tincture or drops

By the end, you’ll be a confident, knowledgeable CBD tincture/drops aficionado.

CBD Tincture vs CBD Drops: What Are These Things Anyway?

You might hear the terms CBD tincture, CBD oil, and CBD drops. These terms are often used sort of synonymously or interchangeably. Which for most intents and purposes, for the average consumer, is fine. They all equate to being a liquid form of CBD that you, as the user, can use in similar ways.

But, we’re going to take a moment get a little more technical, specific, literal. Because there are important differences. Each formulation, while resulting in a lovely liquid, is produced differently and can yield final products with varying quality and characteristics.

CBD Processing 101

Regardless of the method used, the goal is to get your CBD from a solid (the hemp plant) to a liquid form. There are various techniques for doing this.

In the end, though, you have a versatile CBD extract solution that contains all the beneficial properties of the hemp you started with. Product makers then incorporate this CBD extract to into a variety of products without having actual pieces of the hemp plant in the CBD oils, gummies, softgels, creams, and so on.

CBD Tinctures

Let’s talk tinctures. Simply put, a tincture is a solution made from steeping a plant in a liquid (e.g., alcohol or oil) for a period of time. It’s like marinating.

Through this process, the characteristics of the plant — like its odor, flavor, etc. — transfer to the liquid. The plant bits are removed and you’re left with a concentrated extract.

This extraction method is age-old and super common. It’s used a lot for herbal concoctions.

CBD Drops

At Pure Craft, we leverage an alternate approach. We use a proprietary CO2 extraction procedure.

This advanced processing technique results in a more refined, more potent CBD extract. Using our CO2 method maintains better fidelity of the CBD, terpenes, and other good stuff you want from the hemp plant.

Pure Craft continues processing the raw, concentrated CBD extract to further refine it. It’s these additional steps that make our CBD drops so highly absorbable. (We’ll def take an in-depth look at this process in a future blog post — stay tuned! It’s fascinating!)

We then combine the refined CBD extract concentrate with MCT oil from coconuts. (Coconut oil’s a very common carrier liquid for herbal preparations. This is because it’s a healthy fat and because it activates the molecules it’s carrying.)

This dynamic duo of CBD extract + MCT oil is the foundation of both types of CBD drops Pure Craft offers:

Why Use A CBD Tincture or Drops

As you probably know, CBD comes in many formulations. Ya got a LOT of options. (Understatement!)

So why do people opt for CBD tinctures and drops? There are lots of explanations! Compared to other formulations, CBD tinctures and drops can be:

How To Use A Tincture Of CBD or CBD Drops

The moment has come. You’re ready to use your liquid CBD gold. Exciting stuff!

But first, some pro tips for ya. We want you to have the absolute best experience with your CBD tincture or CBD drops.

  • If you’re new to the CBD product you’re taking, start “low and slow” — just to see how you respond to this particular item. (Not all CBD tinctures or drops are the same!)
  • Tinctures and drops are highly concentrated — a little can go a loooong
  • Depending upon how you take the CBD, it can take a little while to feel the full effect.
  • Unless you’re using a water-soluble CBD formulation, CBD’s fat-soluble. You may notice better results if you take your CBD with a fat-containing food or drink.
  • When you’re finished using your CBD tincture or drops, store it properly to preserve its quality as well as keep it out of reach of kids and pets.

Moving on. No matter how you decide to consume your CBD tincture or drops, there are certain steps you should take before using it:

  1. Make sure you’re in a safe and appropriate setting for taking CBD.
  2. With the bottle securely closed, shake it well to ensure the contents get evenly mixed. (They can separate or settle over time when left sitting.)
  3. Measure out the CBD dosage you want into the dropper.
  4. Heeding the product usage recommendations, take your CBD tincture or drops according to your preferred method. (See below.)

Sublingually Method: CBD Under Tongue

If you can open your mouth and make a pinching motion with your fingers, this should be a breeze.

Just squeeze that dropper of CBD tincture or drops under your tongue. Close your trap, holding the liquid under your tongue for at least 30 seconds. Before swallowing the liquid, try to kind of massage it into the tissues in your mouth with your tongue. Doing so can help maximize absorption into the skin and those ginormous purply-blue veins on the underside of your tongue.

À La Cuisine Method: CBD Added To Foods & Beverages

CBD tinctures and drops are also ideal for blending into foods and beverages. This is great for those who want to disguise the CBD or just have some culinary fun with it.

There’s a little science behind properly adding CBD to your eats and drinks. You’ll want to adhere to these guidelines to safeguard the CBD tincture or drops going into recipes or even that simple cup of tea. That said, CBD tinctures and drops lends themselves well to smoothies, no bake cookies, soups, sauces and dressings, mocktails, and more! Time to get creative in the kitchen?

When “hiding” CBD in foods and beverages, you must take precautions. Follow best practices — like following precisely calibrated recipes and labeling your serving and storage containers. After all, it’s important to make sure you’re:

  • Consuming the proper dosage in each serving.
  • Helping potential consumers make an informed choice about eating/drinking the CBD-imbued treat.
  • Preventing infused goodies from getting into unintended hands (and mouths and bellies).

Topical Method: Externally-Applied CBD

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can use your CBD tinctures or drops on the outside of your bod. You can:

  • Apply the CBD tincture or drops onto a specific area and rub it in. Wash your hands — you’re done!
  • Mix it in to other topical CBD products to boost their potency.
  • Create your own CBD-infused topical products by adding the tincture or drops to your favorite lotion, shampoo, etc.

Be mindful of dosing! CBD tinctures and drops generally suggest dosages that assume you’re taking the CBD tincture or drops sublingually. Using it topically, especially if you’re adding it to a product that already has some CBD in it, requires caution and care.


Animal Style: CBD For Pets

Apologies if we were presumptive. Maybe you’re getting CBD for your non-human domestic companions.

If this is the case, there are different considerations involved. While CBD could have real benefits for your pets, you need to be sure to go about administering it correctly. You should know that:

  • You’ll need to use a CBD tincture or drops made expressly for pets.
  • Dosing can vary wildly, based on your pet’s size and other factors (like if it’s a dog or a gecko).
  • You can give pet CBD tincture or drops to your animal orally (i.e., just squeeze the liquid into its mouth). Alternately, you can add the tincture or drops to your pet’s food or water.

How CBD Tinctures & Drops Works In Your Bod

Throughout your body is something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is comprised of endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors. This system interacts with the CBD you consume to make different things happen in your body.

The CBD product you’re using, and how you use it, can impact the CBD’s engagement with the ECS. Here’s what we mean:

  • Consuming the CBD tincture or drops under your tongue can introduce the CBD into your bloodstream more quickly. The ECS is then able to interact with the CBD sooner and more systemically.
  • Mixing CBD tincture or drops into your foods or beverages means it has to go through your digestive tract. This can delay the CBD’s exposure to the ECS, so it could take longer for the CBD effects to kick in. Ingestion may also degrade the amount, quality, or potency of your CBD so there’s less for the ECS to work with. (Blame the digestive juices, folks!)
  • Using your CBD tincture or drops topically (or adding it to another topical preparation) is a much more targeted approach. The CBD soaks in through the skin to the desired location. The ECS activates, creating effects in that zone.

The Last Drop

Tinctures and drops are concentrated liquid formulations of CBD. People like CBD tinctures and drops because they can be — among other things — quicker acting, more bioavailable, and very versatile.

You can take your CBD tincture or drops in different ways: sublingually (under your tongue), ingested (mixed into foods/beverages), or topically. Each consumption method influences how the CBD takes effect in your body.

If using a CBD tincture or drops for your pet, be sure to use a product that’s made specifically for animals.

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