January 07, 2021

Pure Craft’s Bioavailable CBD: Benefits & Why It’s A Win For You

Not all CBD is equal. By extension, you know that not all CBD products on the market are of comparable quality either.

We, too, are WELL aware of this. That’s why we’ve put in the hard work to develop highly bioavailable CBD. As a result, Pure Craft’s CBD products are in a league of their own.

Keep reading to learn more about bioavailability, why it’s a game changer and how our products take advantage of bioavailable CBD to offer you the highest-caliber selection around.


WTH is Bioavailability?

Yah, this is a completely valid — and common — question. We get it. Sometimes these science-y words are thrown around and it’s like you’re supposed to already know what they mean.

We aren’t gonna play it that way. Because we want you to truly understand what bioavailability is so you can be a better informed shopper. Chances are, the more educated you are on all things CBD, the smoother your hunt for the ideal products will be, and the happier a buyer you’ll be.


Bioavailability 101

Bioavailability is not a cannabis term. It’s actually a term used in physiology and pharmacology. So, it makes sense that bioavailability’s formally defined as:

”the degree and rate at which a substance…is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity” Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What’s this mean? The more bioavailable something is, the more of that substance that’s absorbed into your body and/or the more quickly it’s absorbed. The opposite works out just as you’d expect: lower bioavailability = less/slower absorption. Products can be formulated to take advantage of bioavailability properties.

Bioavailability & CBD

In the context of CBD, then, bioavailability refers to the:

  • Amount of CBD you’re actually getting from your product
  • How fast the CBD is entering your blood stream

This is an important consideration when you’re comparing CBD products. As a smart consumer, it’s a good idea to know about those oils, gummies and softgels you’re using. And how they might affect you.


Nano Tech — The Science Of Small

Now that you’ve been introduced to the concept of bioavailability, you may be wondering: How do you manipulate a product’s bioavailability? Obviously, you have your thinking cap on because that’s another great question.

In the case of Pure Craft CBD, we manage this through nano technology.


What’s Nano Tech & Why’s It Matter For CBD

If this is the first time you’ve heard of nano tech — don’t worry. You’re not the only one. It is, after all, on the bleeding edge of scientific research.

Nano tech is a field of applied science in which “tiny” is an understatement and “little” is good. Nano tech seeks to create or leverage the miniscule to improve various aspects of life. In nutrition, nano tech’s used to manipulate nutrients at the molecular level.


Facts About Nano

Here are a few more fun facts about nano tech, just to help clarify things for ya:

  1. Nano is short for nanometer.
  2. A nanometer’s equal to one billionth of a meter.

Nano tech can make particles that’re so small that millions could fit on a pinhead.


Why Products With Bioavailable CBD Rock

Greater CBD bioavailability can yield several benefits. It’s a pretty big deal, which is why we’re calling so much attention to it.

So, how might a product with more bioavailable CBD help you? Easy. Here are just some of the ways:


Benefits of Nano-Tech Enabled Bioavailable CBD

  1. Faster acting. Nano-sized CBD particles are small enough to go directly into your bloodstream. This means they’re speedily delivered right to the cells instead of slowly making their way through your digestive tract.
  2. More effective. Because the CBD bypasses the digestive system, less of the supplement is lost to digestive processes.
  3. Save money. You get more bang for your buck. Better absorption and utilization means you can use less product.

Pure Craft, Leader In Bioavailable CBD

We’re not trying to brag, but we think — with good reason! — that our CBD products are legitimately the best. (Yes, we know there’s some other nice stuff available in the marketplace. But don’t you want the most superior CBD products for yourself and your loved ones?)


Pure Craft Innovation

We’re comfortable making this bold assertion because Pure Craft’s both an authority in the cannabiz and on the forefront of making next-gen products a reality. Our team has been in the cannabis industry for over two decades. And we currently collaborate with MIT researchers to discover, develop and implement advancements in CBD cultivation, processing and products.

Pure Craft’s reimagining and reinventing norms. We’re the ones bringing nano tech and improved bioavailability to the CBD world.

For an even deeper dive into what makes us us, check out our story.


Superior CBD Products From Pure Craft

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you. You’re here because you’re scouring the web or around town for premium CBD products. Hopefully, your search is O-V-E-R.

It’s probably fixed in your brain now that bioavailability is a meaningful selection factor for your CBD supplements. So, how do Pure Craft’s CBD products stack up? These two points sum it up well:

  • Pure Craft products are 90% bioavailable. Most companies’ CBD products top out at only 18-20% bioavailability.
  • The particles in Pure Craft’s CBD products range from 5-100 nanometers. Other companies who’re trying to nanotize their CBD products are still at 150-200 nanometers.

Stop and think for a moment what this means for you….

If you have questions about nano CBD, our products and policies, etc. — give our FAQs a look-see.

To Sum It Up

Pure Craft’s paving the way for world-class CBD products. Using nano technology and our wealth of knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry, we’re achieving major strides in CBD bioavailability.

Our CBD products feature 90% bioavailability and particles that’re (an almost unheard-of) 5-100 nanometers. This benefits you in real ways. It means you could:

  • Realize effects from your CBD more quickly.
  • Enjoy more effective CBD.
  • Save yourself some money.

With that said, we look forward to serving you. Feel free to reach out with any questions about bioavailability, nano tech, our pioneering into CBD’s tomorrow or selecting products. 

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