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I thought what I ordered was what was in the sample gummy pack; not so. I am sending the back. Customer service has still not responded. Not impressed.

They seem to make a big difference. I have been taking them for a few months now. Does not seem to help with my pain but they seem to help with better mood and sleep. I wish they were not always out of stock on the watermelon flavor though

Just right!

As with all your other flavored D8 gummies, these are just right. A half to ease the arthritis (but still motivate and get things done) or a whole (to take the edge off and make you feel worth living), they’re great. No sense getting “bombed” when you can take one gummy and relax with CBD and a little D8. Wonderful!

Great products and excellent customer service.

I love this product it's strong enough to help me

Awesome orange 🍊

Nice orange taste I received they pretty fast in the mail and relaxing

Are your gummies safe from fentanyl

How can you be sure that your gummies are safe. I love your gummies really melos me out

Glad you enjoy them. Our gummies are made in house and our hemp is grown and processed in state licensed facilities right here in sunny California. None of our products come from overseas.

Delta 8 gummies

The Nano Delta 8 gummies are great for unwinding, after a stressful day at work.

Really good quality

These gummies are pretty tasty, they don't have any aftertaste that I can tell. I have yet to really try out other flavors, but this one is a winner!


Just recently started to use during the day. Seems pretty good so far. Fast delivery.

Great product

I have been using this product for about 3 months and I think it had made a big difference. I slipped and fell 5 days ago and sprained for if my toes badly. Within 3 days I just had bruising and some swelling but typically this would have been a 2-3 week injury for me. I am still limping slightly but walking on it the last couple of days with very little pain. I really do believe this is attributed by taking the cbd gummies twice a day

I’ve been using the product for a little over one week now and have noticed little to no benefit. Maybe some more time is needed.

I like them

Good gummies, I like them a lot. Hello relaxation!


Always amazing Gummies

I buy them because they help me fall into a deep sleep and sleep longer. Amazing. Love these gummy’s.

great profuct

best and most honest product i can find and its not a hassle to go through the payment process and best highs ive had in a while 🙏

Great product for the money

The infused gummies are effective as advertised to provide the relief needed. Fast shipping and great secure packaging.

Michael Davidson
Good for sleep

Sleeping better for pain not so much. Would like to see a. CBDA. Formula

Great products!

These have made a world of difference for my inflammation caused by Lyme disease in just a week! Plus my sleep has improved and my long standing gut issues have started improving!

Taste Amazing

These taste amazing best sleep I’ve had in a long time too!!!

renewed faith

I have had realy bad lower back and siatic pain for the last three months. My doctor perscribed 800 mg ibuprofern and exeril at night so I could sleep, thaty woked for a while, saw the ad for the nano cbd oil, ordered and the rest is history, it worked for me, I ordered more, no have nothing to use, my back pain is getting better with PT and Purecraft.
John W

Michael Wells



They work very well, you must try them

CBD Pain relief without all side effects of RX drugs

CBD.. completely life changing to a person with osteo arthritis that cancelled many times w family due to pain. This is life changing to have CBD .. I wouldn’t of believed it if I had not given CBD a try!!