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It is too expensive for me since it (3000mg) was over within a week.

I cannot afford to buy over $100 worth of product every week, considering I need few hundred milligrams per dose, for it to work for me.

Taste Great, Work Great!

I have tried many other similar products. These have to be my favorite because they have the immune support and they really do a good job of claiming me before bed in order to sleep!

Best CBD available

Great taste! Works well! Much less anxiety!❤❤❤

Absolutely Love It

I suffer from a severe panic disorder, the kind where you barely leave your house and have to take prescription medicine for. I started taking this and I’ve lowered my medication and just take it when I feel an attack coming on or before I leave the house to go to the store and it works so well! I couldn’t be happier and I feel amazing being weaned off the harsher prescription. The best part is it tastes amazing, like really really amazing! And it’s vegan so it’s perfect for me. I even have my friend ordering now. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Nano Gummies

Really love them! I have not been able to find a CBD gummie I like since visiting N. Carolina where I bought a pack of 30. And that was 3 years ago!
Calming, Relaxing.


I love these! I am very sensitive to THC and can’t even have the tiniest amount or I will have full blown panic attacks and auditory hallucinations. Lately work has been very stressful and rather than try to get medicated I thought I would give these a go with the little sample pack. Even just one gummy had me feeling sosososo much better after a long day that I’m just waiting for my after rent paycheck to kick in so I can get the 3month supply. I didn’t feel buzzed or anything but I noticed I wasn’t clenching my jaw after about 30 minutes, and the corners of my mouth felt like they were being held up by little Angels into a smile instead the horrendous frown I have most days. Plus at night when I’m stressed I tend to crunch my arms up into a claw like shape while is sleep, so I wake up with really sore arms and hands, but with these days that didn’t happen. The citrus and watermelon flavors are really good but the grape is... icky. Lucky for me it was the first one I tried so my experience went up from there. It’s also major points for me that these are vegan otherwise I would have never tried cbd. Already recommended to my BFF and she already bought some too.

Quicker results than expected

I've been impressed with the speed I'm which my shoulder pain has been reduced since starting a regimen.


This really works!

I take it by placing a dropperful under my tongue so it begins to work faster. Within about 15-20 minutes, I can start feel the effects. I fall asleep within minutes of going to bed. I do not have any lingering effects in the morning,

Glad you are seeing the results and its working just as it was intended to do.
Thanks for taking the time out to write the review! Appreciate it Beverly!
-Team Pure Craft CBD

Best CBD cream

I have used many products for the pain in my back and shoulders. This is by far the BEST. I use it every night and I am able to sleep FINALLY! Thank you for such a great product!

We knew in the beginning it worked very well after our heavy user research periods. But the reviews have just been non-stop great with this product as well.
Thanks for taking the time to write the review.
-Team Pure Craft CBD


They do what they’re intended to do. I have a sense of calmness after taking one. The flavors are very pleasant. I’ll definitely be back for more.

Thanks for the time to write a review. Glad you are enjoying the gummies fully!
-Team Pure Craft CBD

Effective and good taste

The best tasting CBD oil I’ve tried yet. Will come back!

Happy to hear you are enjoying the CBD oil! Thanks for the review!
- Team Pure Craft CBD

Happy Sleeper.

I have had a hard time sleeping recently due to a stress over my busy life with studying and lots of other things. I was skeptical at first about trying CBD product. So happy I found Purecraft CBD and gave it a try. I love the CBD water Soluble with melatonin. It is absorbed so quick and help me go to bed easily and sleep through the night. Thanks Purecraft!

Glad to hear it works so well for you. I know it can be tough to turn off a busy brain. We are happy you gave us a try! Thanks for trusting in us.
-Team Pure Craft CBD

Yummy, Great Product!

The gummies taste good and help so much. These are my fav CBD products by FAR!!! ( and I live down the street from a dispensary so that should tell you something) 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

They are tasty! Glad you chose us that is saying something!
-Team Pure Craft

Love this stuff

I don’t have trouble falling asleep, but I wake up easily. This helps me stay asleep a bit longer. Definitely needed

Happy its working well for you!
- Team Pure Craft


This has provided great pain releif. Thank you!

Can't go wrong with the 3-pack! Glad its serving you well!
-Team Pure Craft CBD


I have been using daily and even gave one to my daughter too! We both agree - this is helping my back aches and her neck pain

Great to hear! sharing the relief!
- Team Pure Craft CBD

Like the capsule form

These have been a great addition to my routine- calming and easy to take- not taste and no aftertaste

Water-soluble soft gels sure are easy and quick. Glad they are doing well!
-Team Pure Craft CBD

Love it!

Fantastic so far! Elderberry flavor is wonderful

Elderberry gummies have been a while in the making. Released pure and crafted just right!
-Team Pure Craft CBD

Would recommend

CBD + Elderberry - best combo yet.

Glad you like!
-Team Pure Craft CBD

Calming and Quick

love how these are so fast acting - I can feel the calm wash over me

Great explanation of the effect. Glad you enjoy them!
-Team Pure Craft CBD


Hands down the best!

Glad your enjoying it! Appreciate the feedback.
-Team Pure Craft CBD


I love this product. So easy to take on the go. Thanks for bundling it. I can not save!

3-Packs for the win! Best way to save big.
-Team Pure Craft CBD


love that I can save the more I buy. Works like a charm. Have tried a lot of product. THis one is the best.

Great! Glad it's working out for you!
-Team Pure Craft CBD