January 26, 2021

What Is Nanotechnology & Why’s It A Big Deal For CBD

Don’t worry, you don’t have to magically transform into Bill Nye the Science Guy, to understand nanotechnology. We’ll break it down for you into easy to consume pieces. (You’ll soon appreciate this really good pun!)

What is good to know going into this post is that sometimes size does matter and that not all CBD is of equal quality. Pure Craft is leading the cannabis industry in creating the highest caliber CBD that takes advantage of nanotech.

If you’re curious about this cutting-edge advancement in CBD science — and how it benefits you — read on.

Nanotech 101                                   

Never hear of heard of nanotech before stumbling upon this article? You’re probably not alone, especially since nano’s on the forefront of scientific research.

What The Heck Is Nanotech?!

Nano’s short for nanometer. One nano is the same as one billionth (with a “b”) of a meter. (Yes, that’s a lot of zeros!) Don’t panic over the metric system; instead, check out these bits of trivia for some perspective:

  • Millions of nano-sized particles can fit onto a pinhead.
  • DNA molecules have a width of about 2.5 nanometers.
  • An average-height man is 1,737,000,000 nanometers (5.7 feet) tall; an average-height woman is 1,585,000,000 nanometers (5.2 feet) tall.

Nanotechnology (aka nano or nanotech) is the “science of small.” It’s a relatively new field of applied research and development that enables us to manipulate the basic building blocks of substances. (We’re talking atoms and molecules, folks. Hence the “nano” part of its name.) So, this technology lets us transform normal-sized particles into much tinier ones.

Nanotech, where “tiny” is an understatement and “little” is good.

OK…So Why Go Nano?

Nanotech seeks to exploit size for our benefit. The smaller particles nanotechnology produces can make substances more efficient, effective, active or bioavailable without altering their chemical structure. This opens up a world of possibilities.

Using nano, researchers are creating new and better products. For example, in the area of medicine, they’re improving drug delivery systems for compounds that are typically difficult for our bodies to absorb. This can result in patients having to take fewer pills or getting more positive effects from their meds. This can also translate into cost and resources savings.

Pure Craft uses nanotechnology to create the best CBD products on the market.

Nano For CBD = A HUGE Win For You

Fortunately for you, nanotech has found its way to the cannabis realm. Why’s this a big deal for you? Simply put, nano CBD is more bioavailable.

How Does Nano Work For CBD?

It’s actually a fairly simple concept. These are the basics:

  1. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble nutrients. They tend to clump up in your digestive tract. This renders them less absorbable.
  2. Nano-sizing breaks the CBD into smaller pieces.
  3. By turning one CBD particle into millions of littler particles, its absorbable surface area increases exponentially.
  4. You’re exposing the receptor cells to millions of CBD bits instead of just one CBD chunk.

Benefits Of Nanotized CBD

Here are the biggest ways nanotizing the CBD in your products can benefit you:

  • Greater absorbability. The smaller CBD particles are able to penetrate into your body.
  • Quicker acting. Because the CBD molecules are so minute, they bypass your digestive system and go immediately into your bloodstream. Your bloodstream is the super highway of your body, taking the CBD straight to the cells where it’s needed. This means you may notice the CBD effects more quickly.
  • Preserve quality. By not subjecting the CBD particles to your GI tract, the supplement maintains its integrity.
  • Saves money. When your nano CBD products work harder, you get more bang for your buck. Without the harsh digestive environment diminishing or degrading the CBD, more of it goes to addressing your condition. The increased CBD bioavailability means you use less product to achieve better results than with non-nanotized CBD products.

Pure Craft & Nano CBD

Pure Craft has been riding the nano train — in the locomotive, not the caboose — for a long time. We saw its potential to disrupt (in a good way!) the CBD space and haven’t looked back since.

For several years, our management team and researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been working to nanotize cannabinoids. Our goal from the start: Bring the most-bioavailable CBD to the market. Together, we’ve made great strides and created a fine selection of new nanotized CBD products.

Superior Nano CBD

That said, let’s take a look at what all that diligent effort has reaped. How, specifically, are Pure Craft CBD products superior to other products? The best way to illustrate this is with some numbers.

Pure Craft’s nano CBD is:

  • Almost 90% absorbable (based on lab tests).
  • Up to five times more absorbable than non-nano CBD.
  • 5-100 nanometers, whereas other companies who’ve tried nanotizing their CBD have only achieved 150–200 nanometers.
  • The star of all of our products.

Pure Craft offers a complete full line of nano broad-spectrum oils and nano water solubles. If tinctures aren’t your thing, try our nano CBD gummies, softgels, and topical muscle and joint cream.

And don’t forget about how nano CBD might help your pets. We have a nano CBD water soluble for them, too!

Nano In A Nutshell

Nanotech, or nano, is an applied science that seeks to improve substances by reducing their molecular size without changing their chemical structure. Smaller particles can be beneficial in many ways and researchers are leveraging this tech in many industries, like medicine and nutraceuticals.

As for CBD, nanotizing increases the bioavailability of the cannabinoids. This can make your CBD products work better. More efficient and effective CBD products can bring you speedier relief, save you money, and more.

Pure Craft offers a wide selection of products, all of which use only nano CBD.



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