April 15, 2021

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take?

Ahh, the age-old question! Likely one that’s tickling the edges of many a curious mind….

But it’s a valid and good query. After all, you want to consume enough CBD to be effective for your needs, right? But, there can be a number of variables at play (you, the CBD gummies you use, etc.) that can make this not so straightforward.

Fortunately, this doesn’t need to stay an idle imponderable ricocheting around in your head. We’ll help guide you an answer fit to you. So that you’ll be confident that you’re eating the “Goldilocks” amount of CBD gummies.

Why CBD Gummies In The First Place?

CBD gummies are glorious! At least, that’s why many folks gravitate towards this jellied little preparation of CBD oil.

All kidding aside, CBD gummies are a terrific option for a lot of reasons. On top of the many benefits of CBD, CBD gummies offer additional perks. Topping the list, CBD gummies can be:

  • Quick and convenient. They’re pre-dosed and you can take them with you if you’re an on-the-go kind person. You can pop these into your weekly pill planner, too. So stinkin’ easy!
  • A delayed and/or gradual release of CBD. Because CBD gummies go through your digestive tract, the CBD can take a little longer to take effect and those effects may stretch out longer. This is perfect for those who like to ease into the results they get from CBD rather than get a super-quick, all-at-once BAM! from the CBD. It also gives you a chance to get yourself situated to really get the most from your CBD gummies — so go get cozy and prepare to chill!
  • Fun! With delish flavors, bright colors, and that trademark squooshiness, CBD gummies just sort of make you wanna smile. They can be reminiscent of lightheartedness and simple pleasures. And, seriously, who couldn’t use some extra sunshine in his or her life?

At Pure Craft, our customers specifically mentioned loving our CBD gummies for the results (duh!), flavors, product quality, and range of purchasing options.

What’s In Those CBD Gummies Anyway?

We’ve said it before and you can bet we’ll keep saying: Not all CBD is the same. By extension, not all CBD gummies are equal either. With CBD gummies, you have two components to consider: the CBD and the rest of the stuff in the gummies. These factors can impact the effect and dosing, and overall product quality.

The “CBD” Part Of Your CBD Gummies

Let’s tackle the CBD piece of the equation first. The key things to contemplate are the source of the CBD, the extraction process employed, and the type of CBD used.

  • CDB source. CBD can come from marijuana or hemp. In addition to legality issues, marijuana-derived CBD will likely have more THC than hemp-derived CBD. Additionally, CBD can be made from organic or conventional crops. Going organic increases the purity of the resulting CBD.
  • CBD processing. There are different ways to free the CBD from the cannabis plant. Some methods leverage chemical extraction methods (boo!) whereas others use a mechanical technique like CO2 extraction (yay!). CO2 processing can yield higher-quality CBD extract.
  • Type of CDB. CBD comes in three variations: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. The difference is the quantity of THC accompanying the CBD.

Generally speaking, the lower the THC level, more pronounced the calming aspects of the CBD will be.

The “Gummies” Part Of Your CBD Gummies

What about the other ingredients, the gummy part of gummies? You’re putting this into your body — so it’s gotta be worthy of entering your sacred corporeal temple!

We’re totally right there with you on this one. Junk in = junk out, and we want nothing but the absolute best for you. To this end, we recommend evaluating the non-CDB ingredients with a critical eye.

  • Avoid bizarre additives. Watch out for icky fillers, preservatives, and all those things you can’t really pronounce or find on the shelves at your grocery store.
  • Go natural. This is like the reciprocal of that first bullet point. Instead of synthetic ingredients cooked up in a lab, look for their earth-made counterparts — e.g., instead of some funky artificial dyes, look for plant-based food colorants.
  • Opt for organic. This way you can be sure to omit harmful things —like pesticides — from your gummies.
  • Question ”extras”. Based on your goals, some CBD gummies may not be appropriate. For example, if you’re seeking a state of zen-like relaxation, CBD gummies with caffeine…mmm, maybe not a great idea. On the flip side, if you’re looking for a soothing pick-me-up, caffeine in your CBD gummies could make sense. Many CBD gummies feature extras — such as caffeine, vitamins and minerals, etc. — that might be desirable to you.


CBD Gummies Galore! Selecting The Best One For You

OK, let’s take all that info about “What are CBD gummies” and apply it to actually picking the best-for-you CBD gummies. Can’t have all that newfound knowledge go to waste!

Winnow down the million CBD oil gummies on the market to the shortlist tailored to your needs and preferences is critical. Finding the right CBD oil product for your sitch can affect your dosing because products contain varying amounts of CBD (and the other ingredients can influence the CBD’s effect).

When choosing CBD gummies:

  1. Get ones suited to your specific needs. Are you looking for CBD gummies for general us? Or are you seeking CBD gummies for sleep or anxiety or immune support? Pick CBG gummies that are oriented to your purpose.
  2. Get the highest-quality products available. Trust us, you may pay a little more but you will get that back in spades! For instance, Pure Craft’s CBD gummies leverage exclusive production techniques and nanotechnology to make them purer and more bioavailable. This often means you can use less product and still get better outcomes. #winning
  3. Be prepared for some trial and error. There are lots of fine CBD gummies out there. That doesn’t mean they’ll work for you the way you want them to. This is par for the course. Just stick with it and you’ll probably hit upon CBD gummies that seem practically destined for you.

CBD Gummies — Dosing & Recommended Usage For Best Results

Dosing is not a one-size-fits-all deal. There is no simple answer to the question, “How many CBD gummies should I take?”

With all the variables, dosing can be tricky. So much depends on your unique system — e.g., your weight and metabolism — and the CBD gummies you consume.

We can, however, cover some dosing basics.

Common Dosages For CBD Gummies

There’s no standard dose for CBD gummies. You’ll see ones with anywhere from 5mg to 33mg per piece. Moreover, there’s no standard recommended number of CBD gummies to eat.

Scour the labels of CBD gummies and CBD literature and you’ll see they say to being with a common CBD gummies potency and quantity, like 1-2 CBD gummies that are 25mg each. And this could be a reasonable jumping off point.

For the apprehensive and the newbies out there, it’s also completely fine to start with an even smaller dose. See how and where it takes you.

Ultrahigh doses of CBD can be dangerous. It’s unlikely that the average person would even remotely approach these levels of CBD use, though. The point here is that, if you have concerns or questions regarding dosing, you can always consult with your doctor. Your healthcare team will be able to more personally advise you.

About all that is agreed upon is that you should chew your CBD gummies thoroughly before swallowing!

Rightsizing Your CBD Gummies Dose

Once you have CBD gummies you like, here’s what we suggest:

  1. Set realistic expectations.The probability that two 25mg CBD gummies has the same oomph for a six-foot-five linebacker type as it does for a five-foot-one waif is slim. Also understand that it can take time to realize results.
  2. Start low and slow. Follow package directions. It should indicate a recommended number of gummies to take. Something like “Take 1-2 gummies and hour before bedtime.”
  3. Adjust course as needed. If a smaller number or dosage of CBD gummies isn’t cutting it, try gradually increasing your consumption. Eventually, you’ll discover the number of CBD gummies that is effective for you.
  4. Store your CBD gummies properly. This helps preserve the gummies’ freshness and potency.
  5. Establish a routine.Many people — especially those hoping to relieve chronic issues — find they see the best results with consistent CBD usage.


Your Magic CBD Gummies Number

There’s no such thing as a standard dose of CBD gummies. So, there’s no single answer for the question, “How many CBD gummies should I take?”

Many variables — like your body and the kind of CBD gummies you use — affect appropriate and effective dosing. It’s highly personal! As such, you may need to experiment a bit to find the right amount and type of CBD gummies.

Moral of the CBD gummies dosing story: Take as few CBD gummies in as low a dosage as possible. Only take what you need to get the results you desire. Take the best CBD gummies you can find.


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