October 21, 2021

Biohacking With CBD For Optimal Wellness

What if we told you that you could hack your biology to feel better than ever? That’s the goal of an active approach to wellness known as biohacking.

The natural cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) can be used as a biohacking tool.

In this article, we’re zooming in on CBD’s biohacking potential and giving you a manual for optimizing this cannabinoid’s wellness benefits. So, let’s start chipping away, shall we?

What Is Biohacking?

If you think biohacking sounds like a modern buzzword, you wouldn’t be wrong — it’s not even in the dictionary.

The unofficial definition of biohacking is: The practice of making small changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve your well-being more so than conventional approaches. Think adding MCT oil to coffee to combat brain fog, or practicing intermittent fasting to aid weight loss.

Biohacking isn’t a substitute for medical treatments, but it can complement treatment plans. It can also be a standalone practice.

Another term for biohacking is DIY biology. (That doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, so we’ll stick with the non-Webster’s term.)

There are lots of tools to the biohacking trade. Some are complex and controversial, but many are simple and legal. As a member of the simple and legal camp, CBD’s becoming a go-to for many people looking to fine-tune their well-being.

Why CBD’s A Biohacker’s Best Friend

CBD has all the makings of a perfect partner for biohacking:

  • It’s natural and plant-based.
  • It’s not psychoactive. (It won’t cause a high.)
  • Most people tolerate it very well.
  • It’s easy to get your hands on.

On top of these perks, CBD has a lot going for it in the wellness-boosting department. For example, it’s loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the body and mind.

And thanks to CBD’s status as a cannabinoid, it has VIP access to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a critical player in health and wellbeing because it helps the body maintain homeostasis, which is a biological state in which you feel your absolute best.

Top Wellness Benefits Of CBD

Thanks to its unique properties and connections in the ECS, research has found that CBD may...

  • Improve sleep(1)
  • Boost focus and energy(2)
  • Aid weight loss(3)
  • Reduce inflammation(4)
  • Support the immune system(5)

…which could help you reach your biohacking goals.

Now that you know all the ways CBD can help you cut your way straight to better health, let’s get biohacking!

How To Use CBD To Biohack

If you’ve dabbled in biohacking, you may have noticed that your results sometimes vary from what others experience. The same is true for CBD. Your body’s tolerance and response to it is unique.

The great news is that you can optimize your CBD usage to get every bit of goodness out of it. These pointers will set your CBD biohacks up for success.

Use A Highly-Bioavailable CBD

The more bioavailable CBD is, the easier it is for your body to absorb it. And more absorption = better results.

The body does an okay job of absorbing regular CBD, but something called nanotechnology can crank up its bioavailability to make it more effective. Essentially, nanotech makes the particles super tiny so it's easier for the body to soak up. Nano-fied CBD can even eliminate the first pass effect that reduces CBD’s potency when it’s consumed orally.

Nano CBD drops, plus CBD gummies, softgels, and topical CBD cream can all be used as part of your hemp-based biohacking routine.

Opt For Organic & Natural

Toxins, additives, and highly-processed ingredients are harder for the body to process and can be counterproductive to your biohacking goals. With less energy diverted to detoxing harmful ingredients or trying to figure out how to fully utilize artificial ingredients, your body can maximize the potential of CBD. That’s why CBD products made from natural and organic ingredients are preferred for biohacking (or any time you want to feel your best).

Hemp plants can soak up heavy metals, synthetic fertilizers, and other toxic substances as they grow. Organic American hemp helps you avoid that possibility. So, it’s key to make sure your CBD is derived from the best, purest hemp available.

All the other stuff in your CBD product matters, too. Try to avoid unnecessary fillers and things you can’t pronounce. Look for simple formulations with plant-based ingredients.

Go For Broad-Spectrum CBD

There are three types of CBD, and they aren’t created equal. Let’s reverse-engineer each type to see why broad-spectrum CBD is our top type for biohacking.

  • Full-spectrum CBD can be made from federally-legal hemp or marijuana. When made from marijuana, it might contain enough THC to cause a high (and be illegal in some states). This may not be ideal if you’re using CBD daily for biohacking.
  • CBD isolate has been processed to remove THC and other compounds. This means those compounds can’t synergize. (Synergy between cannabinoids is necessary for max benefit or the entourage effect.)
  • Broad-spectrum CBD still contains the cannabis compounds needed to synergize. The THC content is limited to the federally-legal amount of 0.0-0.3%. It has everything you need for results without being intoxicating.

Another win for broad-spectrum CBD: Since it’s federally legal, you can shop for it online and have it shipped to all 50 states. Talk about convenience.

Implement A Consistent CBD Regimen

You can take CBD here and there, but daily use is best — especially when you’re looking to move the needle to boost your wellness. Taking CBD daily gives it a chance to mingle with your ECS and acclimate to it.

Regular use also helps you hone in on your dosage “sweet spot,” which is exactly what it sounds like! Your CBD dosage sweet spot is the ideal amount of CBD for you and your goals.

Pair CBD With Fat For Best Results

Research has found that taking CBD with fat improves its bioavailability.(6) CBD’s a fat-soluble substance, meaning the body needs fat to absorb it properly.

Some fats — such as MCT oil — can double-down on the benefits of CBD.(7) An easy way to get in on this goodness is to use a CBD oil tincture that uses MCT oil as a carrier oil, and take it with a snack or meal.

In true biohacking spirit, you can optimize your CBD-infused food even further.

  • Want to aid muscle recovery? Add CBD oil to a post-workout protein shake.
  • Looking to improve sleep? Take CBD with melatonin in a cup of tea after dinner.
  • Have a big task to focus on? Drop water-soluble CBD tincture into a glass of water or juice.

Of course, you can always take other forms of CBD — like CBD gummies or softgels — with or after a meal.

You can even whip up DIY CBD snacks, meals, and treats! Head over to the CBD Cooking section of our blog for CBD recipes and tips.

Stay Current On CBD Research

Science is always uncovering new information about the human body, and about CBD. These insights can be useful when you’re formulating your biohacking plan. You know what they say — knowledge is power!

We’re always digging up the latest discoveries at the intersection of CBD and health at Pure Craft, so check our CBD for Health section often for updates.

Cracking The Wellness Code With CBD

The best biohacks could take your wellness game to new heights. Simple and effective tools — like broad-spectrum nano CBD — can be part of your biohacking plan to support sleep, weight loss, focus, pain management, and more.

Incorporating some of our simple guidelines can help you get the most out of your CBD biohacking efforts.

CBD and biohacking insights are always evolving. Keep your finger on the pulse of news and science so you can continue optimizing  your CBD biohacks.



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