May 21, 2021

Tips, Tricks & Checklists For Traveling With CBD

When the travel bug bites, there’s no stopping the excitement. Watch out, world! Here I come.

As you take to the travel sites or dig out your road atlas, you might have that nagging feeling you forgot something. Isn’t that the worst?

Then it dawns on you: Can I travel with CBD oil?

Your CBD goodies might be legal where you are, but what about the rest of the wide and wonderful world? Getting searched by airport security is a buzzkill, and the last thing you want while traveling is run-ins with the law.

Once you experience the benefits of CBD, it can be hard to picture your days without it—especially action-packed days of sightseeing and adventure-seeking. Having a blast can be taxing!

The good news is that in most cases, there’s a way to keep up with your CBD routine while on the road. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, we put together this guide packed with everything you need to know for safe and stress-free travel. And since we know nothing eases a traveler’s mind like a comprehensive checklist, you’ll find itemized to-dos for your CBD travel action items. You’re welcome!

Is It Legal To Travel With CBD Oil?

As a cannabis-derived compound, cannabidiol (CBD) isn’t something you want to make assumptions about while traveling. There are different rules for foreign and domestic travel.

Traveling With CBD In The US

Sticking to the 50 nifty United States? Here’s what you need to know about taking your CBD to the coastlines, canyons, or wherever else your Americana wanderlust takes you. 

  • You’re in the clear to travel with CBD across state lines, so long as it’s made from hemp and doesn’t exceed 0.3% THC content.
  • The TSA allows federally-legal CBD (hemp-derived CBD with ≤ 0.3% THC) for air travel.
  • You can travel with medical marijuana products. That includes Epilodex, the FDA-approved, CBD-based epilepsy drug.
  • That said, the state you’re headed to might have different guidelines than you’re used to. So add “research local hemp and cannabis laws” to your packing list. We have a whole catalog of state CBD laws you can reference. It’s always a good idea to check up on any recent developments in your domestic destination.

Foreign Travel With CBD

Everyone loves a good travel story. But we’re guessing that one about “the time I was held in a foreign prison for possession of a controlled substance” doesn’t fall into the “good” category.

Some countries have liberal laws surrounding hemp and cannabis, while others can be strict or may not yet have policies in place. Avoid hold-ups and hassles by looking up these details.

  • Research CBD laws in the country and city you’re headed to on official government websites.
  • Take note of policies about taking CBD across any jurisdiction lines you’ll be crossing.
  • Confirm policies with the airline or transportation provider you’re using.

Then, cross-check the product you’re traveling with to make sure it meets all requirements.

Tips For Flying With CBD

Air travel requires more careful planning than other modes of transportation, partially due to the rules we all have to follow for safety when we take to the sky. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the dos and don’ts of CBD where you’re headed, you’ll want to perform a pre-flight check.

  • Follow all TSA rules for traveling with CBD.
  • If your CBD’s in the form of a tincture or cream, put it in the ziplock you’re carrying your liquids in.
  • Don’t pack products with more than 3.4 ounces of liquid.
  • Don’t put your CBD products in a package other than the one they came in.
  • Make your CBD easy to access so security can easily locate it and check the label.
  • No flower CBD is permitted as it’s tough to distinguish from marijuana.
  • Using a vape? Pack it in your carry-on, and check with your airline to make sure it allows vaping supplies to be carried on board.
  • Print the Certificate of Analysis as proof of your CBD’s contents. We make it easy for you at Pure Craft — it’s on the product page. (Or you can find it on our COA round-up page.)

Although it’s legal to fly with federally-legal CBD, some travel experts still suggest erring on the side of caution to avoid delays. That’s certainly an option — one that may save you some time and energy since you can easily order CBD products online and have them shipped to your hotel or landing pad. Talk about convenience!

The Benefits Of CBD For Travelers

While exploring the world is fun, it can also be tiresome and aggravate sources of pain and stress. Introducing some CBD to your vacation might provide relief so you can make the most of every moment. Here’s how.

  • Sleep support. CBD may promote better sleep, which is a huge win when you’re acclimating to new time zones and dealing with jetlag. CBD with melatonin can be even more effective.
  • Stress reduction. Getting out of your comfort zone can be stressful. Research suggests that CBD could be useful for calming the mind and easing the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety.
  • Pain relief. Cranky neck from falling asleep on the plane? CBD has properties that combat pain and inflammation. Consider trying it in place of NSAID pain relievers.
  • Digestive support.Receptors in the system CBD interacts with (your endocannabinoid system) exist all over your body — even in your gut and central nervous system. That means that whether your tummy troubles are due to stress, something you ate, or the rocking motion of the boat on the scuba diving excursion you spent in the fetal position on the boat — you may want to send CBD down the hatch!
  • Immune support. Stress, exposure to new environments, and a different diet can tax your immune system. Keep your internal line of defense going strong with antioxidant-rich CBD. Add elderberry for max immune support.

The Best CBD To Travel With

Not all CBD is created equal. It’s true for quality, and the three different types of CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD might have more THC than is federally-legal, so it isn’t permitted in all states and countries.

CBD isolate is an option, but since all the other cannabis compounds have been processed out, it may not be as effective.

That leaves broad-spectrum CBD. It checks all the boxes:

  • It’s federally legal in the US.
  • It contains other cannabis compounds associated with CBD’s benefits and the entourage effect.
  • You can have it shipped to all 50 states.

As we detailed above, international travel will require some extra care regardless of what CBD product you’re using. Broad-spectrum is the way to go in the US of A.

Have CBD, Will Travel

Travel takes planning and preparation. Traveling with CBD is no exception. But once you learn the ABCs of traveling with CBD, you’re free to move about the planet while you reap the benefits of this wondrous cannabinoid.

If you’d rather not deal with extra checklists, there’s the option to purchase CBD when you arrive, or have CBD delivered to your travel destination.


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