April 03, 2021

Making Tax Time Less Taxing with CBD

Ugh. It’s that time of year again. Seriously — didn’t we just do this whole thing, like, last week? Nope, we’ve actually spun around on this big ball of land and water 365 times since last tax season.

For most of us, tax time is no fun. Even worse — it can be a downright anxiety-inducing annual event for many. And certainly, with everything else going on, it’s no surprise if you’re ambling around like a clenched-body, teeth-gnashing stress zombie.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can address all that angst, worry, overwhelm — whatever brand of tension you’re lugging around like a hefty stack of documents for your CPA. Keep reading for some of our fave anti-stress tips and techniques.

How To Beat Tax-Time Stress

When it comes to dominating tax time, two things are key: Having a plan and having options. Your plan gives you guidance on what to do. Your options give you actionable ways to do what you need to do.

Below are ideas and suggestions to consider. Use them to create a perfect-for-you tax-stress-annihilating plan with plenty of options for implementation.

#1 Maintain Perspective

We often psyche ourselves out, making a mountain out of what’s really just a tax obligation molehill. There are any number of reasons why we do this. But, nevertheless, we do this.

Tips for Maintaining Perspective

  • It can be helpful to take that proverbial deep breath and re-evaluate the sitch with a fresh, calm mindset. You may find that — if you give yourself a moment to let your logical, analytical brain catch up with your emotional brain — you’re able to create a more realistic view of taxes.
  • Remember, it’s just taxes, it’s only a pain in the backside for a short time of the year. Try not to give it more weight than it really deserves.

#2 Adopt Helpful Personal Habits

This is a big one, and not limited to the first three months of the year. In fact, some of these work best when used year-round….

Tips for Establishing Helpful Personal Habits

  • Staying organized is tremendously helpful. For you, this could manifest itself as collecting receipts throughout the year and tucking them into a dedicated folder at your desk. Or designating a specific place to collect your tax docs as they arrive in the mail. Basically, killing the clutter and chaos can speed up tax prep and filing tasks, reduce the daunting feeling of dealing with taxes, and more.
  • Creating a schedule may be a trick that you respond well to. (That looming deadline can be a real motivator!) Carve out time on your calendar to gather the necessary docs, set the appointment with your tax pro, etc. Be sure to stick with your schedule and avoid procrastinating.
  • File early. Yah, just get it out of the way ASAP so you don’t have it hanging over you. We all know that “band-aid method” is legit.

#3 Acquire Useful Knowledge

You know the idea of “naming the beast?” It’s where you label something monstrous, thereby taking away some of it power to be scary. This is like that.

Tips for Gathering Relevant Knowledge

  • Learning about taxes might make them less frightening or soul-sucking. If you understand the processes, terminology, role of the IRS, where your tax dollars go, and so on — it could reframe tax time for you. It can help you create a more neutral association with taxes.
  • Bummer, no refund this year? Well, at least you have several options for paying what you owe. Options equals flexibility. Find out all the different ways you can pay and what the pros and cons of each method are.

#4 Get Professional Help

You do not need to struggle through tax season alone! There are financial and wellness specialists out there for a reason.

And before you rule going pro out because you think it costs too much — think about the value of your time and wellbeing. You may decide that shelling out a few bucks to get things done quicker and properly is worth it for you.

Tips for Seeking Expert Assistance

  • A CPA could be your tax-time BFF. Get recommendations for a qualified accountant from people you trust who are knowledgeable in this sort of thing. Consult with a few different CPAs before hiring one. Start early as they get booked up.
  • If you can’t afford a CPA, look for free options. There are organization that offer tax prep assistance at no charge.
  • DIYers can simplify taxes by using software. Check the IRS website for free software that lets you file federal tax returns for free.
  • For mental and emotional help, consider seeing a therapist or joining a support group.

#5 Don’t Forget Self-Care

Like some of those personal habits, healthful self-care is something you should consistently practice. Good self-care can make you more resilient — which means tough times are fewer, farther between, and easier to ride out. Score!

Tips for Taking Care of Yourself

  • Eating well can keep your mind and body on the straight and narrow. Nutritious, balanced meals and snacks fuel your corporeal and cognitive functions.
  • Sleep is when your bod has a chance to recuperate. Plenty of high-quality lets your body sort itself out so it works better during waking hours.
  • Play and pray is a good motto. By this we mean to suggest that including moments of fun and contemplation, laughter and quiet, creativity and passivity into your life can be a boon to your wellbeing.
  • Wellness support — in the form of things like massage, supplements, and CBD — could be effective additions to your persona-care kit. See what’s out there and enjoy giving them a whirl.

Filing Away Stress With CBD Oil

So, how does CBD work to ease all the icky feelings tax season dredges up? That’s a great question. With an answer that can get fairly deep.

We’ll spare you the science lesson here. Just know that everyone has what’s called an endocannabinoid system (aka ECS). It’s through the ECS that your body recognizes and utilizes cannabinoids like CBD.

Benefits of CBD

As you may be aware, CBD has many potential benefits. When your body responds to CBD, it could help alleviate some of that tax-time stress and anxiety. Here are some of the ways it might do that:

  • Improving concentration. Some users report that CBD helps them clear their minds and gain more focus for the tasks at hand.
  • Boosting mood. Research suggests that CBD can influence one’s attitude and even improve sociability.
  • Reducing aches and pains.
  • Facilitating sleep. Studies are starting to show that CBD may help you get more and better Zs. Pure Craft’s Nano CBD Water Soluble + Melatonin drops are a good product to try if quality sleep is your concern.
  • Promoting calmness. CBD is touted for having relaxation-producing properties. It just may help take the edges off a rough tax season.

CBD Products for Self-Care

Needless to say, you have oh-so-many choices of CBD products available to you. It may take some time and experimentation to hit upon the ones that work best for you and the optimal ways to incorporate them into your routine for max benefit. This is pretty common.

On your CBD journey, you can explore formulations like:

Each preparation shines in a different way, but all may provide you relief from your tax season woes.

Keep Calm & Tax-Time On

Tax time can be very trying for a whole lot of people for a whole lot of reasons. In this post, we share several tips and ideas for coping with the stress that often accompanies tax season.

Yes, we’re a bit biased. But we believe CBD could be a wonderful part of a tax-time self-care plan. CBD has many reported benefits — and research is constantly finding more! — but is possibly best known for its reputation to help users chill out.


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