November 18, 2021

How Can CBD Help First Responders & Frontline Workers?

As a first responder, you’re often faced with difficult situations. In your job, you frequently put your life on the line for those in need.

This can often come at personal cost, mentally and physically. First responders are exposed to traumatic events that can have an adverse effect on mental health and wellbeing. And you're frequently on your feet, running from one task to the next.

We’re so grateful for the work you do — but you deserve effective ways to support your own health.

Let's explore how CBD might be a tool to help alleviate some of the mental and physical strain as a frontline worker.

Why CBD For First Responders & Frontline Workers?

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn't get you high. Plus, it’s completely legal to buy and use in all 50 states. So you can use it on the daily without stressing.

It’s a natural product that has been shown to help ease anxiety, inflammation, nausea, pain, and more!

Here's just a small list of the conditions that CBD may support:(1)

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sleep issues
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cancer-related nausea and pain
  • Acne
  • Seizures
  • High blood pressure

The list really seems to go on!

Mental Wellness For First Responders & Frontline Workers

To all you first responders and frontline workers who’re exposed to stressful scenarios on a daily basis, your workplace demands can take a toll. This can put a considerable strain on your mental wellbeing.

While not a clinical treatment, CBD is a great option to complement a mental wellness regimen. Because, we know that CBD has helped many manage their stress and anxiety naturally.

CBD Research & PTSD

CBD continues to see an increase in research focused on its potential to support overall mental wellness, and specific mental health concerns.(2)

One of the most promising areas involves CBD’s potential for supporting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — a condition that frontline workers are at risk for.(3)

In a 2019 study, researchers followed 11 patients diagnosed with PTSD who were given an oral dose of CBD for eight weeks. At the end of the study, the researchers found that 90% of the participants experienced a decrease in the severity of their PTSD symptoms. Plus, they also noted that the CBD was well tolerated by the patients without any severe side effects.(4)

Other studies suggest that taking CBD after a traumatic event might make it harder for the brain to create memories that later can lead to PTSD symptoms.(5)

These studies support previous findings that substances that interact with the body's endocannabinoid system (like CBD) can impact memory and reduce symptoms of anxiety.(6)

While there are no current CBD-based treatments for this condition, these results suggest CBD has great potential for future PTSD treatment. We can expect more studies to come in the near future.

A CBD Routine For Mental Wellness

CBD can be used and consumed in a variety of ways, from CBD gummies to salves and tinctures. The way you take CBD largely depends on your personal preference. But here’s an option for helping you soothe the mind and release that extra tension after a long work day.

Make a warm cup of herbal tea for yourself — chamomile or peppermint are great for promoting relaxation. Grab your favorite bioavailable CBD water soluble, and mix into your prepared cup of tea. Focus on the smells and taste as you slowly sip your CB-tea.

Let the CBD work its magic while you relax in your favorite chair after a long day on duty!

Physical Wellness For First Responders & Frontline Workers

In addition to the psychological  benefits it offers, research has explored how CBD may support healthy physical functioning.(7)

CBD For Acute & Chronic Pain

Pain can affect your mood, relationships, and significantly reduce your quality of life. As someone who has to be physically fit for your job, you know that chronic (and even acute) pain can affect your ability to perform daily tasks.

Studies have found that CBD might help relieve pain, reduce joint inflammation and improve overall mobility in those living with chronic pain conditions.

Soothe Sore Muscles With CBD Cream

One of the best ways to take CBD for pain is to use a CBD topical. CBD topicals work to deliver CBD directly to the affected area, allowing for quick absorption. Plus, many creams are made with natural ingredients that can help soothe your skin in the area of application.

And a great option for tending to aching muscles and joints is to try a little massage therapy with a CBD cream. You can do it yourself, or even get a partner to help with a CBD-infused massage. Try adding a few drops of a relaxing essential oil for some added aromatherapy benefits.

CBD For Better Sleep

When your job and life are hectic, sleep quality can suffer. As a first responder or frontline worker, long shifts and crazy schedules can throw your body’s circadian rhythm out of kilter.

Many people with slumber challenges — like falling asleep or staying asleep — find that a CBD formula blended with melatonin helps. It may provide just the right little nudge you need to get bedtime back in order.

CBD With Care

While CBD is generally non-intoxicating, take note of these tips for safe consumption.

First, it's important to know what type of CBD you're consuming. CBD comes in three types: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. If your CBD is broad- or full-spectrum, there’s a slight chance that it could show up on a drug test. And if it's full-spectrum, it may contain some amount of THC — the psychoactive cannabinoid.

Next, if you're trying CBD for the first time, start slowly. Take a little at first and see how your body responds to it. Then, if needed, increase your dose until you've found what works best for you.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when incorporating CBD into your routine:

  • It’s probably not a good idea to take CBD right before starting a shift.
  • Don't drive/use heavy machinery if CBD reduces your ability to do so safely.
  • Don't combine CBD with prescription medications without checking with your doctor first.
  • Make sure CBD doesn't violate your employer's drug policy (even though CBD is legal!).

CBD TLC For First Responders & Frontline Workers

CBD is a natural supplement that can help support physical and mental wellness, especially for those of you who work in demanding and stressful jobs.

CBD has shown to have potential for helping many people find relief from stress and aching muscles. And there is even evidence that it might aid those with more serious conditions like PTSD and chronic pain. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, you deserve relief. And CBD could be an option to help you find some serenity.

As a frontline worker, you have an incredibly important, but demanding role. And CBD might help you support yourself, so you can keep supporting others.



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