April 19, 2021

Elevate Your 420 Celebration With CBD

April 20th has a lot of nicknames. Weed Day. Marijuana Day. Stoner Day. Yep, 4/20 is all about celebrating cannabis.

Did you know that hemp and marijuana are varieties of Cannabis sativa L? It’s true!

So, whether you’re into marijuana or prefer the non-intoxicating nature of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), it’s a day to fully appreciate cannabis.

There are a LOT of ways to make the most of 420 with CBD oil. We’ll get into those in shortly. But first, let’s explore the origins of this green and glorious pseudo-holiday!

Where Did 420 Come From?

Where did the 420 stoner holiday come from? Well, nobody really knows.

Urban legend has it that a group of teens in San Rafael, California, used to meet up for a toke at 4:20 each day. There’s also a rumor that one of them was related to a member of the band the Grateful Dead.

Imagine that. You have a cannabis ritual with your friends. Your inside joke explodes among Dead Heads. Your little after-school tradition is now a holiday recognized by everyone who smokes weed, every year.

Hey, it could happen, right?

Even if that’s not the real origin of 420, you have to admit that the mystery is just as intriguing as cannabis itself.

New Ways to Celebrate Cannabis

Cannabis has come a long way since the days of rolling joints behind the Piggly-Wiggly.

Nowadays, some form of cannabis is legal in every state in the US. Thanks to advancements in agriculture and technology, we can ensure the purity and quality of cannabis.

And, we can extract CBD oil.

With so many forms of marijuana and CBD oil products, there’s no longer a stigma associated with it.

We can even remove the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the psychoactive compound in cannabis — from CBD. After removing THC from CBD, the CBD oil won’t get you high.

That means more folks can get in on the 420 fun!

Why Celebrate 420 With CBD?

Whether you partake of marijuana or not, there are many reasons to invite CBD to your 420 party.

  • It’s legal in every state. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, you can indulge in CBD without worrying about the long arm of the law. Your state might have some specific laws about which CBD types and products are legal, so read up on your state CBD laws to make sure you’re within the legal limitations.
  • It doesn’t get you high. Unless your CBD has high THC concentrations, it won’t intoxicate you. This is great if you don’t want those effects at all. And, it’s a perfect pairing for weed. Indulging in a CBD mocktail while consuming marijuana won’t give you the spins. (Alcohol + weed might, though.)
  • CBD may provide health benefits. According to research, pain relief, stress reduction, better sleep, and immune support are just a few of the many potential health gains you could get from CBD. Even if you don’t have aches and pains to remedy, it could be a hangover-free alternative for daily use or special occasions.
  • CBD may help reduce hangover symptoms. Sometimes celebrating calls for some spirits. So, you might not only celebrate 420 with CBD, but it might come in handy to have some around on 4/21 for that headache and queasy gut.

With all these wins, CBD is sure to take your 4/20 to the next level.

How to Make The Most Of 420 With CBD

So, the clock says 4:19 and it’s April 20th. What do you have handy? Here’s what’s on our CBD 420 agenda.

#1 Mix Up A CBD Mocktail

There’s no better glass to raise on 4/20 than one with a festive CBD-infused drink! Adding CBD to mocktails and cocktails is a fast and fun way to toast to any occasion.

Water-soluble CBD tinctures seamlessly mix into beverages. (You can use CBD oil, but it might leave a residue on top of the drink or in your glass.) Make things more interesting with a flavored CBD. Pure Craft offers so many flavors of water-soluble CBD tinctures, you’ll never get tired of adding CBD to your liquid refreshments.

#2 Enjoy A Sweet Treat With CBD

Got the munchies and want a CBD treat? You could savor some CBD gummies, or use CBD tincture to make something in your home kitchen.

Since CBD shouldn’t be heated to high temperatures, no-bake sweets and smoothies are the best way to take it in. Explore some CBD recipes, or add a dose to your next snack.

#3 Unwind With A CBD Massage

Don’t forget self-care! CBD-infused topical cream can be used on targeted areas or all over your body. Schedule yourself a 4/20 massage or pamper yourself at home.

Topical CBD products are also a great option if you prefer not to ingest CBD.

#4 Don’t Forget Your Pet

Hey, pets deserve some CBD-love, too. A dose of pet-friendly CBD in their water or food will inspire chill vibes. It might benefit their health, too!

Make sure any CBD product you give your pet is 100% THC-free. THC is toxic to cats and dogs. And, keep your other cannabis goods and goodies far away from their paws and noses (and their swipey tails that can extend their naughty little reaches!).

Have A Happy 420 With Quality CBD

Hopefully now you have plenty of ideas for ringing in 420 with your pal CBD. All you have to do now is stock up on the best CBD you can get your hands on.

To keep things as true to form as possible, choose a high-quality CBD made from organically grown cannabis.

We can’t imagine celebrating 420 any other way!


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