September 15, 2021

Back to School: 11 Gifts to Help Parents Destress

 You might think that the kids heading back to the halls of learning and knowledge would be an easing up point for parents. Not necessarily so.

For many parents, back to school is a time of many emotions. Sure, there’s joy, excitement, anticipation of seeing the kiddos blossom. But there may also be darker, seedier sentiments in that backpack of feelings — stress, anxiety, worry, etc.

That’s why we wanted to take a few moments to concentrate on mom and dad. Wouldn’t it be fabu if you could lighten their mental and emotional load with a simple token of love and appreciation? To that end we’ve assembled this list of gift ideas, each item aimed at quashing the tension and pressures parents face as their offspring return to school.


Chill-Inducing Giftology 101

Here’s a crib sheet for expert gift-giving:

  • Anyone can be a gift giver. It doesn’t have to be a child. (Though, kids, be nice to your folks!) It could be another family member, friend, colleague — everyone loves getting a special just-thinking-of-you sumpin’-sumpin!
  • When we say “parent,” we’re using that term loosely. Really, anyone filling a parental-type role — a caregiver, guardian, mentor, or other primary figure — in a child’s life is fair game. It takes a village, right? So, it’s not unthinkable that those essential folks might start wigging out as “their baby” heads back to school. Gotta show all our stressed out kinder-nurturers some TLC!
  • Before we go headlong into gifts for frazzled mamas and papas, it might be helpful to pause for a minute and answer the question: What makes a good stress-relieving present for a parent? In our book — it’s anything that renews that twinkle in the eyes. Consider what kinds of thing the parent likes, or what’s important to him or her. A meaningful gift — one that strikes a personal chord — will probably be a winner!
  • Giving the perfect gift doesn’t mean blowing thru your bank account. Heartfelt will most likely win out over expensive with the parental units. Our list has something for every budget and imagination level.

OK, you’ve pondered for a bit and are primed and ready for some Mensa-level gift ideas. Well, not sure if our Present IQ hits that mark, but we do think that — for the right parent — these offerings will be pure genius.

#1 Be Kind, Unwind…With CBD

Not only do we think CBD is a great present, we know it can be a beneficial part of a wellness plan. CBD has a well-studied and -documented ability to help fight stress and anxiety and support mental and emotional well-being.(1) That makes CBD a two-for-two: good gift + good for you.

Parents give their best to their kids, so it seems only right to do the same. When it comes to gifting CBD, only buy the highest-quality products and get a formulation that matches your recipient’s lifestyle and preferences.

For example, CBD gummies or CBD softgels are great for on-the-go moms and CBD drops with melatonin tick all the boxes for dads with sleep issues. An any rate, there’s a CBD product suited to each and every parent.

#2 Day of Zen

OK, this can be as elaborate and swanky or as simple and homegrown as you think makes sense.


Treating a parent with frayed mental ends to a massage, facial, or mani/pedi could be just the thing. Set it up for mom/dad or present a gift card. Be sure to scout around for coupons and deals to make this an even more value-packed option.

Prefer to go the DIY route? That’s legit, too! You’ll find tons of inspo online for how to pull of the most-bliss-rendering home spa day for your special person. Or, check out our blog for some awesome CBD-infused recipes for CBD bath bombs and face masks, soaks and scrubs, waters and cocktails, and more.

Therapeutic Pillows & Wraps

Your recipient not into spa or salon services? Maybe an eye pillow or shoulder wrap that you can heat/cool will ease the tension. There are endless ones to choose from (or you can make your own) — ones filled with lavender, weighted ones, even ones with built-in massage. A weighted blanket is another great gift idea that’s sort of in this same realm….


Punch up your parent’s day with aromatherapy. Essential oils come in all kinds of straight-up and blended formulations. Select scents that jibe with the outcome you’re hoping to elicit for your stressed mom or dad. For example, here are some common aromas and the effects they’re known for:

  • Bergamot — calming
  • Chamomile or jasmine — sleep support
  • Lavender — calming and sleep support
  • Lemon or ylang — uplifting
  • Marjoram or helichrysum — relieving muscles
  • Peppermint — easing tension and relieving muscles

Adding aromatherapy to your spa day or wraps/pillows is a nice touch. Or, a diffuser is an easy and economical alternative. (You’ll probably start finding all kinds of ways to incorporate those yummy fragrances into your daily routines!)

#3 Something Cozy Or Sensuous

After a long, hectic day — nothin’ feel better than slipping on some fuzzy slippers, swaddling up in a fluffy blanket for a moment, or donning the softest-ever pajamas. Even better — natural fibers like hemp or bamboo are sustainable and anti-microbial as well as being silky on the skin.

#4 Herbal Tease

Yes, we think it is possible to sip away one’s worries. At least in part. Herbal infusions are a lovely and versatile all-seasons gift: They’re delish, decaffeinated, healthful. Many varieties a bended specifically to tackle stress, anxiety, and all those other “flavors” of fretfulness. Consider curating a serenity-promoting tea sampler and pair it with a kickass mug for a tea-rrific present.

Extra credit: CBD drops to plop into that herbal brew!

#5 Plant Power!

We’re talkin’ the kind in a pot that you look at and sing to. (Oh, just us?) Or — if your honored parent likes to put their hands in the earth — something to plant in the garden. Botanicals are well-known for providing wellness-amping benefits.(2) They purify the air and can help everyone who coexists with them just chillax the heck out.

#6 Bookin’ It

A good read, coffee table book, or functional tome (e.g., cookbook or cocktail guide) never goes out of fashion. Books are a gateway to another time and place, a catalyst for the imagination, a prism for viewing possibilities. Just think of your mom or dad engrossed in some riveting novel — it’s a few moments that she or he isn’t fixated on the daily nits and gnats that wear them down.(3)

For stress-busting, perhaps your parents would be more into creating their own book. Luckily, there are all kinds of blank and guided journals, comic book template, sketchpads, and so on out there. Putting pen to paper is an awesome technique for unclenching the mind and body!

#7 It’s All Fun & Games…

Games and puzzles make for wonderful anti-stress gifts. This may be a throwback to pre-digital days, but establishing a weekly or monthly family game night could be an ideal pressure value for mom and dad — and you’ll make fun family-bonding memories to cherish, score!

Crafting and hobby supplies are another enjoyable direction to take your gift-giving in. You remember how thrilling it felt to do all the school supply shopping, filling the cart with sparkly new markers and such? Yah, non-student adults like that stuff, too! Check out your hobby shop for goodies — you’re bound to find everything from knitting starter bundles to glass etching packs to remote control car kits.

They re-engage the brain in creative and constructive ways that reduce the angst-level of your favorite weary parent.(4) (Angst isn’t just for teens!)

#8 Experiences & Escapes

There’s a trend for doing things rather than acquiring things. If your weary parent is onboard that train, the gift of an experience or break from reality (just for a little while!) might be seriously welcomed. Here are some suggestions for this extracurricular subject:

  • Rage room or escape room gift certificate
  • Fitness class pass or meditation workshop registration
  • Concert, comedy club, or movie tix
  • Art class, paint night, or pottery making voucher, or do an at-home craft day (together, of course!)
  • Homemade brunch or picnic
  • Organize a day trip, like a hike or apple-picking

#9 Subscribed

Have you explored the vast universe of subscription boxes on the market today? Select one that aligns with your stressed parent for a tension-combatting, pleasure-provoking surprise. Given that these mystery gifts come on a regular periodic basis also means mom or dad have something special to look forward to.

#10 Move It

Physical activity is proven to help manage stress.(5) Offering parents gifts that facilitate moving their bods is a multi-faceted wellness win. Think membership to a yoga studio, some new workout duds, or a set of resistance bands. Or even just getting out of their hair for a half hour so they can go for a walk is legit, too.

#11 Handmade & From The Heart

Giving mom or dad something you’ve made expressly for her or him is sure to melt away some stress. Your thoughtfulness and initiative remind parents of why they do all that they do (and they do so dang much!) and it lets them know that you get it. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creative juices:

  • A piece of artwork or a poem
  • A custom playlist (modern day rendition of a mixed tape — remember those?)
  • Homemade bubbles — enough cannot be said for the stress-crushing powers of nostalgia and simple pleasures!
  • Redeemable coupons for babysitting, doing extra chores, etc.

CBD For Parental Calm: A+

Back to school is a time of change, uncertainty, excitement, and busyness. For parents as well as kids. And this can mean mom and dad might be feeling stressed.

We’ve compiled a handy list of bound-to-delight gifts to help the parentals destress. Among these goodies — CBD, which is known to cut stress and anxiety and support mental and emotional wellness.

Be sure to only buy top-quality CBD products — parents deserve nothing but the best!



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