July 14, 2021

Your Guide to Vegan CBD Products: Vegan Gummies, Vegan CBD Oil & More


Are you looking for a way to help ease your anxiety, alleviate pain, and support your wellness without harming animals? Vegan CBD products are the way to go.

Vegan CBD products are made with vegan-friendly and natural ingredients. And they can promote your overall physical and mental well-being while being kinder to the planet and all its furry, feathered, and scaly friends.

In this blog post we'll talk about some of our favorite vegan CBD products. Plus, we’ll showcase some of the top benefits that come along with them!

Are CBD Products Vegan?

CBD is a plant extract, which means it's already a plant-based product. You'd think it would mean that all CBD products are automatically vegan, right? Not so fast.

Some products — like CBD capsules — may use cow-derived gelatin. Anything with bovine gelatin would be a no-go.

However, vegan CBD products aren't that few or far between. Vegan CBD products can be found in many different forms including tinctures, capsules, gummies, and topicals.

Just be sure to check the product ingredients before purchasing. A reliable CBD retailer will state whether or not its products are vegan, often on the product container or description.

Top Benefits Of Vegan CBD Products

Here are just a few of the conditions that people have used CBD to support:(1)

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Seizures
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Drug addiction

And the research on CBD's clinical usage continues to grow. There's much left to learn about this compound but there's no arguing the potential for CBD to help a vast number of people.

Those aren’t the only benefits either! Vegan CBD products are usually cruelty-free — meaning that no animals were harmed during their production process. (No harm, no fowlyou might say….) Because vegan CBD products are made from plant-based ingredients, they tend to be more environmentally friendly than animal-based fillers found in other products.

This makes vegan CBD products better for you, the critters, and the planet!

Where To Find Vegan CBD Products

Some CBD products may make use of bovine gelatin in the production process, making those products vegan-unfriendly.

So you need to make sure you scrutinize those product labels to ensure there are no animal-derived ingredients in your CBD products. If you opt to go to your local brick-and-mortar, talk to the supplier and ask if its products deserve the vegan seal of approval.

You can also choose to buy your vegan CBD products from an online retailer. We think this is a great option for a few reasons:

  • You have more options at your fingertips.
  • You can shop at any time of day. Hello convenience, Captain PJ Pants here!
  • Ingredients are listed online so you can see for yourself what's in the products.

From vegan CBD oil to vegan CBD gummies, here are some of our favorite vegan CBD products at Pure Craft.

Vegan CBD Oil

Vegan CBD oils are some of the most common vegan CBD products you'll find out there because they often come with minimal ingredients. Typically, vegan CBD oils include the CBD oil, a neutral carrier oil, and any flavorings.

Vegan CBD oils are also a fast, easy, and effective way for your body to absorb CBD! Our unique formulation uses nano-optimized CBD, which allows for quicker and greater absorption than typical brands.

With so many different taste options, surely you’ll find a favorite in no time. They’re awesome in smoothies!

Vegan CBD Water Solubles

Vegan CBD water solubles are similar to vegan CBD oils but are — as the name suggests — soluble in water! CBD water solubles are best when you like to take your CBD in water or beverage of choice.

Try putting our tropical flavored Nano CBD Water Soluble in your favorite mocktail recipe to be instantly transported to a beachside oasis. Or maybe a little of the peppermint flavored vegan CBD water soluble in your tea or cocoa.

Vegan CBD Gummies

Vegan gummies are another great way to get your daily dose of CBD. However, vegan gummies can be a challenge to find — mainly because many CBD gummies are made with animal gelatin. That's why we're so excited to offer vegan CBD gummies in our lineup. Our Nano CBD Infused Vegan Broad Spectrum Gummies are one of our top sellers and it's easy to see why:

"I have tried numerous CBD gummies but almost all of them taste terrible or leave an aftertaste. Except these, they truly taste great and are vegan. They help greatly with aches from training and anxiety related to stress at work without feeling medicated or sedated. Definitely recommend" — Heather G

We're proud to have formulated not only a vegan CBD gummy, but one that tastes amazing as well!

Pure Craft Vegan Gummies: Our Specialty

Alongside our classic Nano CBD Infused Vegan Broad Spectrum Gummies we have a range of vegan gummies for all CBD enthusiasts.

Our Nano CBD + Elderberry Infused Vegan Broad Spectrum Gummies offer a convenient immunity boost with the infusion of elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc.

For those looking for a mild psychoactive adventure, Pure Craft’s Nano Delta-8 Infused Vegan Gummies are unlike any other. We took our 5-star gummy formula and infused it with hemp-derived D8 for a totally new experience.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a vegan gummy for you!

Where’s The Beef? Not Here! Get Vegan Gummies & More

Many people are looking for a way to help support their wellness without harming animals.

Luckily, vegan CBD products are no longer hard to find! Plus, these days you can choose from a range of vegan CBD products like vegan gummies and vegan oils. However, make sure you read package labels to ensure there's no animal-derived ingredients in your product before buying it!

You can't go wrong with Pure Craft’s vegan broad-spectrum gummies and vegan CBD oils. Give them a try and you'll quickly see why our fans love them.



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