August 09, 2021

Why You Should Buy CBD Online & Not Locally

It's almost too easy to make a compelling, objective case for why heading to the internet — rather than a brick-and-mortar store — next time you need some CBD is a good idea. By the time you finish reading this post, you'll see there are so many undeniable, undisputable advantages to buying CBD products online.

Alright, let's get clicking!

Online CBD Shopping Is A-OK In The USA

Before extolling the virtues of virtual CBD vending, here are a few critical factoids you should know:

  1. In the US, it’s 100% federally legal to sell, buy, and mailhemp-derived CBD with a THC content of 0.3% or less.
  2. State laws on possession vary, so boning up on your locale’s rules is recommended.
  3. Age requirements for buying CBD can very as well by jurisdiction and retailer. Many stores require that shoppers be over the age of 18 or 21 to purchase CBD products.

Check out our posts on CBD laws for more info.


The Pros Of Buying CBD Online

Obviously, we value ofonline CBD shopping. There's really no hiding that!

But as a consumer — you should also love love love purchasing your CBD oil products via the web. Here are some of the reasons why online shopping for CBD is so much better for you than walking into your local shop:

  • It's incredibly convenient. You can shop anytime, anywhere (and any wear!). You don’t have to plan your trip to the web store into your day’s itinerary and waste precious time commuting to the dispensary. If you’re a busy multitasker with too many things to do (uh, that’ describes probably about 99% of everyone!), your wheels are already turning and churning out how brilliant online CBD shopping is for your lifestyle.
  • You have access to an infinite selection of retailers and products. The internet is home to a vast network of shopping opportunities — way more than are within driving distance! While your local boutique may have 100 CBD products filling its displays — well, you can imagine how many items are stocking the virtual shelves of the countless virtual venues….
  • There's a good chance you'll save money. Online sellers likely have lower costs (e.g., no rent payments) and may pass those savings on to you. Also, many online shops offer free shipping. When you factor in the value of your time (time = $) and ga$$$, the final price of your online purchases can add up to significantly less than going to a local CBD outlet.
  • Getting product information may be easier. Reputable sellers will have extensive product details and images on their websites. You’ll probably also have an easier time getting your eyeballs on the certificates of analysis (COA), business and product reviews, third-party critiques (like BBB ratings, media mentions, etc.), and relevant content.
  • It’s relatively discreet. There’s nothing shameful about CBD, but sometimes ya just don’t want people all up in your biz. Privacy, yo. Online CBD purchases are sent right to your doorstep, without you having to make an appearance in the corner natural grocer where you just might run into Nosy Posy. Plus, some retailers ship orders in unassuming packaging to draw as little attention as possible.

The Cons Of Buying CBD Online

While we think the world of shopping online for your CBD products, there are a few possible downsides that you should be aware of. It's worth considering these negatives before submitting that online order.

  • You won't get the immediate satisfaction taking home a producttoday.
  • It may be harder to connect with a salesperson or customer service rep to ask your specific, personal-to-you questions.
  • Some people really just like to touch and see IRL products before they buy — you can't do that with online purchases.
  • For those who are under 21, you may find it more difficult to locate an online retailer who will sell to you. (Many require you to be 21+ even if you live somewhere that lets 18+-year-olds by CBD locally.) So, you could actually end up with fewer options than if you scout out what’s available to you near home.

How To Shop For CBD Online With Confidence

This is a topic near and dear to our hearts — which is why we harp on (and on and on) about it. As a brief recap, follow these suggestions for online CBD shopping to get the best possible CBD products:

  1. Know and abide CBD’s legal status in your location.
  2. Do your research on CBD producers, sellers, and products prior to buying.
  3. Shop around for the best service and deals.
  4. Only buy the best CBD oil products, ones made with US-grown organic hemp.
  5. Adhere to best practices for online shopping — like make sure the website you’re purchasing on is a secure site and using a private browser.

Pro Tip: If you want more guidance, readDo you really know how to buy CBD online? next.

CBD Shopping: Online’s Simply Divine

There are many benefits to buying CBD products online. Many consumers truly appreciate the sheer variety of products, convenience, better prices, privacy, and wealth of readily-available product information.

The main downsides to online CBD shopping might include lack of real-time personal interaction with staff, the ability to physically handle products, and having to wait for your products to arrive in the mail.

Be a smart online shopper by sticking to best practices, such as only engaging with reputable retailers with superior CBD oil products — like Pure Craft.


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