September 14, 2021

Why Using Pure CBD Oil Matters


The word “pure” is thrown around loosely out there in CBD land. But here at Pure Craft, we take it “purity'' seriously. After all, it’s in our name!

In fact, purity is at the tippy-top of our priority list. Read on to learn why we invest the time and effort it takes to bring pure CBD to the people, and how you can make sure any CBD oil you choose to buy is pure.

Pure CBD: What’s That?

In the current CBD market, any CBD product can be labeled pure. At first glance, it might seem impossible to tell low-quality CBD from truly pure CBD products. That can make things pretty confusing for consumers.

And then there’s the matter of pure CBD isolate, which is CBD that’s been isolated from other compounds. It comes in crystalline or powder form. Just to be clear, we aren’t talking about that type of CBD in this article.

Instead, we’re talking about CBD oil made from pure hemp. And pure hemp starts with pure cultivation.

Pure Hemp Cultivation

When hemp is grown using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, the hemp takes in those substances. Hemp’s also known for being mighty efficient at sucking up whatever’s in the soil, which might include heavy metals and other environmental contaminants.(1)

All those chemicals can then affect the CBD. And toxins in hemp do not equal pure CBD.

Organic hemp is grown in specially prepared soil without those chemicals, so the CBD extracted from it isn’t contaminated. That CBD can then be formulated into a number of CBD products, like pure hemp gummies and pure CBD oil drops.

Bonus: Organic hemp is better for the environment. Think about it — it’s not using chemicals that can be harmful to ecosystems. And hemp actually removes more carbon from the atmosphere than trees.(2) So pure CBD’s a win for you and the planet!

Pure Ingredients Matter

Simply put, pure CBD comes from purely cultivated hemp. Pure cultivation ensures you aren’t putting toxins, heavy metals, and other weird stuff in or on your bod. But other ingredients in CBD products matter, too.

At Pure Craft, we use care when sourcing all of our ingredients and consider general product purity a best practice. For example:

  • The natural flavors we use are sourced from the best flavor houses in the US.
  • You’ll find MCT oil from coconuts in our CBD oil tinctures because it’s a superior vegan carrier oil with some health bennies of its own.(3)​​
  • The natural extracts in our topical CBD cream are a safe alternative to chemicals used in some muscle and joint rubs.

How To Tell If CBD Is Pure

With so many purity posers out there, how do you know if CBD is actually pure? Well, there are quite a few indications of purity and quality.

Make sure your CBD checks these boxes:

  • The CBD is made from 100% organic hemp. For all the reasons we outlined above, organic hemp is essential in order to produce pure CBD oil.
  • The hemp was cultivated in the USA. The US has super strict regulations and standards for hemp cultivation, so you know the requirements for organic cultivation are followed.
  • It doesn’t contain fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Scope out that ingredients list to make sure the other ingredients meet your personal standards for purity. For example, if you’re a plant-based eater, make sure the ingredients are vegan-friendly.
  • It was tested by a reputable third-party lab and has a certificate of analysis (COA). Lab testing is the only real way to confirm CBD purity. The COA is your proof that it underwent that testing, and it shows you exactly what’s in the CBD product. No COA? Run for the hills!

When you’re shopping online, you should be able to find all of this information on a CBD product page, tucked into FAQs, or somewhere else on the website. If you’re shopping in person, ask a store employee about these specs.

Where To Buy Pure CBD Oil

Hemp-derived CBD with no more than 0.3% THC became federally-legal in the US in 2018 and is now available to buy and sell in all 50 states. Some states do have separate regulations though, so you should check out our CBD Laws tab to scope out the situation in your area.

If you live in a state where CBD is sold in brick-and-mortar stores and dispensaries (which is most states), you can go that route. But if you can’t find it locally, don’t worry — you can find pure CBD online.

 Wherever you choose to buy your CBD goodies, make sure it’s from a trusted retailer that knows their stuff when it comes to purity.

Buying Pure CBD Oil Online

Online CBD shopping has some serious perks.

Firstly, you can investigate brands and products from the comfort of your home. The COA, ingredients, and hemp cultivation deets are at your fingertips. Or at least, they should be there.... (You’ll find all these details on our product pages.)

Second, the CBD will ship to your door! It doesn’t get easier than that. You might even score some sweet bundles and deals you wouldn’t find in stores.

The Benefits Of Pure & Natural CBD Oil

You’re probably starting to see why we’re pure CBD’s biggest cheerleader.

  • Purely cultivated hemp = no exposure to toxins, heavy metals, and weird stuff you just don’t want to put in or on your body.
  • It’s been tested by a third-party lab, so you know what’s in it (and what’s not).
  • Best practices for pure CBD mean other ingredients should be good stuff, too.
  • When purer CBD also means more natural CBD products, your body will probably absorb and utilize the CBD (and other ingredients) more easily and effectively.
  • Supporting pure CBD is supporting a crop that’s good for the earth.

The Answer Is Pure & Simple

It’s important to use CBD products that are as pure and natural as possible because they’re going into and/or onto your body. And you deserve not only the best products, but the ones with the best potential of providing you with the best benefits.

Pure CBD starts with pure soil and hemp cultivation. CBD made from hemp that was organically grown in the USA is the foundation of any pure CBD product. Any ingredients added to CBD products should also be high-quality for a pure final product.

You should be able to find the full list of ingredients, the hemp origin, and COA for any CBD you buy. These are your signs that the CBD is really as pure as it claims to be.



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