August 15, 2022

Who’s Paying for Your Medical CBD?

Cha-Ching! Who’sPaying for Your Medical CBD?

You’re using CBD for legit medical purposes. Maybe you even have a doctor’s note justifying the use or a formal prescription.

But, does this mean you’re off the hook for the expense? Well, there are lots of questions around who foots the bill for medicinal CBD oil products, like:

  •  Does insurance cover CBD?
  •  Is CBD oil covered by Medicare?
  •  Will Medicaid pay for CBD oil?
  • Do dispensaries take insurance? 

In this post, we’ll touch on all that plus ideas for how to pay for medicalcannabis when other options aren’t viable.

What Is MedicalCannabis?

Medical cannabis is an umbrellaused for cannabis derivatives that are used to treat certain medical conditions, their symptoms, or side effects. Medical marijuana (high THC) andmedical CBD (high CBD) are subsets of medical cannabis.

For discussion here in this post, we’re lumping medical CBD and regular CBD used for medicinal purposes together. We make distinctions as needed.

Is CBD A Drug?

It really depends on the context.

To some government agencies, employers, schools, and other organizations — the answer’s “Yes.” To others, the answer’s “No.”

But, according to the dictionary, a drug can be any substance used as a medication or that has a physiological effect when introduced into the body.

What About Epidiolex?

This is one of the clear-cut cases. Epidiolex is currently the only FDA-approved drug. It’s a prescription reserved for those with intractable seizure disorders.

Can You Get CBD By Prescription?

You don’t need an Rx forfederally-legal CBD (the hemp-derived kind with 0.3% or less THC). For everything else — like high-THC CBD and marijuana-derived CBD — you may need a prescription.

Marijuana-sourced CBD and high-THC CBD are still federally illegal. However, 37 states, three territories, and Washington, DC have medical cannabis programs.(1) Rules vary, but in these locales you should be able to access some forms of medical cannabis. You’ll need to check local laws to see if prescriptions are needed.

Does Health Insurance Cover Medical CBD?

In general, as of now, there are no insurance companies that cover the cost of CBD — whether you’re using is therapeutically or otherwise. This is largely dues to the FDA deeming CBD to be a supplement, not a drug.

Health Insurance OptionsFor Medical Marijuana& CBD Oil

You can’t use your FSA (flexible spending account) funds onCBD products.

But recent changes (effective as of 2022) could enable you tobuy some CBD oil items with your HSA (health spending account). New IRS rulesstate that CBD and hemp oil products are HSA-eligible expenses if they are for a diagnosed condition and backed by documentation from your doctor.(2)

You still can’t use your HSA for marijuana-based products, though.

The Epidiolex Exception

The only scenario in which insurance is likely to cover the expense of medical CBD is Epidiolex. According to the manufacturer, most insured patients are eligible for coverage of thisdrug.(3)

Do Dispensaries Take Insurance?

The quick and dirty answer is no. Most are cash-only businesses as well, which might make it hard to buy those HSA-eligibleCBD oil and hemp products.

Epidiolex is only available via specialized pharmacies that will verify the prescription and work with your insurance company.(4)

GazingInto The Crystal Ball Of Coverage

With mounting research proving out CBD’s medicinal potential and growing consumer demands for care options, it’s quite possible this will change in the future. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

Does Medicare Cover Medical CBD?

Medicare may cover somecannabinoid-based meds.(5) For example,Epidiolex might be eligible because it’s FDA approved.

Every plan is different, so youhave to confirm what’s included in yours. Also, what’s allowed is tied to what’s federally legal and FDA approved — sostay tuned for developments.

Will Medicaid PayFor CBD Oil?

It’s a similar sitch for Medicaid. The only CBD product its likely to cover is Epidiolex, again because it’s FDA approved. But you should check just to make sure.

How Do Medical Cannabis Cards Factor In?

You can apply for a medical marijuana card(MMJ card) if you have a qualifying condition and live in a place that has a medical cannabis program. Approval requiresadoctor’s consent.(6)

DoesAn MMJ Card Help?

Having an MMJ card may be beneficial — it depends a great deal on the state you’re in and the kind of product you’re looking to buy.

An MMJ card may save you money on your medical CBD by:(7)

  •  Giving you access to less expensive sales outlets
  •  Exempting you from some or all excise taxes
  •  Allowing you to grow your own
  • Enabling you to purchase more potent varieties (i.e., more bang for your buck)
  • Legitimizing your claim/expense with insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and the IRS

But remember, there are costs associated with the MMJ card, like doctor’s visits and application and renewal fees.

HowTo Pay ForMedicalCBD

OK, soit’s unlikely that most people are going toget100% coverage for the cost oftheir medical CBD. Depending upon your situation, you may getpartial coverage or discounted rate of some sort via insurance, HSA eligibility, etc.

But what about the portion of your medical CBD that remains your responsibility?

TipsFor Making Your Medical CBD More Affordable

There are wayshelp you slide medical CBD smoothly into your budget. Such as:

  • Buy high-quality CBD products. Using bioavailable nano-optimized CBD made from organic American hemp and other premium natural ingredients may give you better results with less product.
  • DIY your CBD goods. It may be cheaper(per mg of CBD) to buy aCBDoiltincture and make your own edibles, topicals, softgels than buying pre-made versions of these formulation.
  • Shop online when possible. Doing so lets you compare products so you can find the best CBD for you at the best price.
  • Take advantage of savings programs. Join the rewards program, do subscribe and save, buy in bulk, stock up when saleare run. See if your seller offers discounts for teachers, veterans,low-income families,and so on. Paying with your cash-back credit card or PayPal (which sometimes offers spending incentives) might be an option. Consider paying via an installment plan.
  • Look for outside help. You may be able to find grants or financial assistance from non-profits.(8)

Don’t Forget Cost Offsets!

Also keep in mindpotentialcost offsets. CBD could:

  1. Be less expensive than alternatetherapies.
  2. Reduce your reliance on other meds.
  3. Provide enough positive results to restore your ability to work more.

FocusOn What Matters

Ultimately, you’ll need to sort out the financial side of things for your personal scenario.But, we encourage you not to focus solely on the price tag.

Quality of life is beyond-words important. CBD may boost your QOL significantly — which may make it worth every darn cent you have to pay. Just something to think about….

Someone’s GotTo Pay For The Medical CBD….

And it’s likely going to be you. For the most part.

Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid will probably cover the cost of FDA-approved CBD-based medications — like Epidiolex. And, as of 2022, you may be able to use your HSA to pay for medicinal CBD and hemp products if you have a diagnosed condition that’s been documented by your doctor.

Aside from these few exceptions, the cost of your medical CBD falls squarely on your shoulders. But, there are ways to defray the expense. You canlook into getting a medical cannabis card, savvy shopping techniques, financial assistance programs, and more. A little research and creativity can go a long way to helping you pay for your medical CBD!


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