January 04, 2022

Using Delta-8 To Start The Year Off Right

Delta-8 (aka D8) is one of cannabis’s star cannabinoids. And with the mind-body advantages and balanced buzz it brings, it can be your hemp hero as you reach for goals and resolutions in the new year — or anytime, really!

Many describe D8 as “marijuana lite.” You can think of it like the cool, collected cousin of regular THC (delta-9), and the more exciting relative of CBD. It dials down on sketchy vibes and anxiety, but gives a wallop of euphoria.

The benefits of delta-8 go far beyond what you feel after each dose. Folks are using D8 for things like:(1)

  • Pain relief
  • Weight management
  • Focus and productivity
  • Creative inspiration
  • And much more!

D8 has gained popularity quickly, but it’s still new to the cannabis scene. ICYM the D8 downloads this year, we created this simple guide covering its perks and why you might consider it when you’re hitting reset.

Why D8 Is The Best Sidekick In The New Year

Whether you practice the age-old tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions or simply like to enter the new calendar cycle with a positive outlook, delta-8 is here to help.

Here are some of the ways D8 can make life easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable after the ball drops.

No Pain, Still Gain With Delta-8-THC

If you’re resolving to improve your fitness, you’re in good company. In 2021, 50% of Americans listed it as a resolution, and it’s consistently the most popular one to set.(2)

Putting on your workout clothes and actually getting to the gym, spin class, or wherever you like to break sweat is the first mountain to climb on the path to physical fitness. If the struggle to find motivation is real, a dose of D8 might help you get in the zone.

And the bennies don’t end there. D8’s pain and inflammation busting properties may aid recovery so your day-after soreness isn’t so sore and you can get back to it. Is it any wonder the D8 Reddit is full of fans from the fit fam?

D8 & Weight Management

Second to making fitness gains, losing weight is the next most popular resolution among American adults.(2) Believe it or not, delta-8 could help with that, too!

How exactly D8 inspires the human bod to drop it like its hot (weight, that is) is still being outlined. But there are some trends scientists and delta-8 users have spotted.

  • People who use cannabis tend to have a lower BMI than people who don’t. This appears to be because cannabis ups metabolism in a way that causes fat loss but maintains muscle mass.
  • One study found that mice ate more but lost weight as a result of delta-8 consumption. Yes, you read that right: ate more, lost weight.
  • D8 has the potential to decrease appetite. It has shown to increase appetite at lower doses too, so be aware that’s a possibility. But considering the above point, that might not be an issue.
  • Exercise is important, too, which we’ve learned delta-8 can be a boon for.

This is just a taste — for the full meal, head to our articlesDelta-8 & Weight Management followed byHere’s The Skinny On Delta-8 For Dieters.

Delta-8: A Better Party Partner

Morning after headaches and munchies cramping your fresh start style?

Enter D8, which can be just as fun as a cocktail and just as high-vibe as weed, minus the negative effects of both!

When you trade a bottle of booze for a jar of D8 gummies, you’ve got a party companion that makes life glow around the edges but won’t come back to burn you the next day. And when you ditch weed for the mellow ride of delta-8, you get elevated but not too elevated.

It really is the best of all worlds!

D8 & Sleep

Staying consistent with your healthy habits is much easier when you’re feeling rested.

Many find CBD oil helpful for sleep support. But some folks have a higher tolerance for cannabinoids (CBD, THC, etc.) and need something with a little more oomph.

On the other hand, reaching for regular THC as a strong option could be helpful. Or it could make you more high strung than you were to begin with.

Delta-8 is the happy middle-ground.

To give you an idea, here’s what some real Pure Craft customers have to say after trying our delta-8-THC gummies.

“Ever since I started using delta-8 gummies my sleeps have been so peaceful. I fall asleep and don’t wake until morning. They taste great, too!” — Denise W.

“The delta-8 gummies not only taste good, but work great! They have improved my sleep considerably! I sleep longer and deeper than I have in years. Thank you!” — Glenn K.

Bye Bye Burnout, Hello Hemp-Based Retreats!

It’s easy to get tunnel vision and overdo it when you have specific goals in mind.

To get ahead of the burnout curve, consider baking D8 into your routine. We’re mega fans of delta-8 gummies because they’re portable and each dose is pre-measured — so there’s no fussing around with tincture bottles. Oh, and they’re delicious, too!

You could chew a gummy after work, pop one in place of a cocktail, or mix it into your pre- or post-workout regimen.

With this ritual in place, you’ll be dripping THC’s stress-busting potential into your life while carving out some “you” time in the process.

Delta-8 vs CBD

We’ve talked about trading booze and weed for delta-8, so you might be wondering, “Does this mean I have to give up CBD, too?”

A: Absolutely not!

In fact, delta-8-THC and CBD are quite the dynamic duo. Mixing these cannabinoids can result in something known as the entourage effect, which is believed to make your doses not only more fun, but also more effective from a wellness-boosting perspective.

A Fresh Start With Delta-8-THC

While you’re preparing for 12 months of awesomeness, a little bit of D8 diligence will help you find the best product for your goals and lifestyle. Here’s what you should know.

Get The Good Stuff

CBD users will probably find the following familiar. That’s because ultimately, all hemp-derived products can be held to the same standards.

  • Choose a delta-8 product made with hemp that was purely cultivated — aka organically grown in the USA.
  • Go nano or go home! Nano-optimization makes cannabinoids like delta-8-THC easier to absorb, which means you get better results.
  • Look for proof of quality in the form of a certificate of analysis (COA) and reviews. The COA tells you what third-party testing turned up in the product, and reviews give you the juicy deets on what real users think.

Whether you’re searching “delta-8 gummies near me” to find a local carrier or buying D8 online, keep these best practices in mind.

Start Low & Go Slow

This is especially important if you’ve never used marijuana or THC-infused products.

Delta-8 does cause a noticeable high. Starting with a low dose helps your system acclimate and prevents you from feeling too much, too fast.

Look to the product label for dosage guidelines and don’t exceed what’s recommended. Do feel free to reduce the dose if psychoactive effects are new to you or you know you have a low tolerance for cannabis. You can always take more if you aren’t feeling it.

If you happen to be getting treatment for a health condition, make sure you run any canna-plans by your healthcare provider. They’ll have the best info as far as possible interactions with medications, contraindications, or what kind of products might be the best fit for you.

10, 9, D8…Happy New Year!

With delta-8 in your new year toolkit, you have something to lean on when you need help sleeping, exercising, dieting, drying out, or carving out some R&R with or without CBD.

Always hold your D8 products to the highest standards for quality and purity. When incorporating delta-8-THC into your routine, remember to take it easy on your first doses and listen to your body as you increase from there.

Pair nano delta-8 gummies with your resolutions and see what it can do for you in the new year.



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