February 17, 2022

The Cannabliss Quiz: Which Form Of Cannabis Is Right For You?

Every form of cannabis brings a different experience. That’s because cannabis is full of hundreds of compounds, each with its own unique properties.

Just to be super clear, when we say “cannabis,” we’re referring to Cannabis sativa L. Under that umbrella are two varieties you’re probably familiar with: hemp and marijuana. And under each of those variety umbrellas are a whole bunch of cannabis options!

Here are just a few of the notable differences between members of the cannabis family:

  • Marijuana contains high concentrations of THC, which has psychoactive effects. (It gets you “high.”)
  • CBD can be extracted from marijuana or hemp. Either way, CBD itself isn’t psychoactive.
  • Delta-8-THC, aka delta-8 or D8, can also come from either variety of cannabis. It’s psychoactive, but less so than “regular” THC (delta-9-THC).

What’s psychoactive and what’s not is one of many, many discoveries that have helped cannabis users find their favorite form.

To the new cannabis user or someone who hasn’t branched out from their go-to products, this pool of info can be a lot to swim through. You have to figure out what’s legal, what’s available, and weigh the pros and cons for your situation. Whew!

So we figured, why not make it fun and quiz-ify the process? Allow us to introduce our quiz to help you find your cannabis bliss!

Find Your Cannabliss: The Quiz

Are you a CBD person, a marijuana devotee, or a delta-8 fanatic? That’s what we’re here to find out!

Once you work your way through the three sections of this quiz, you’ll have a clear picture of your recipe for cannabliss. Alternatively, you could skip to the section related to the reason you’re here, like, say, Cannabis & Health.

Little tip: You might wanna jot your answers and thoughts down on paper to see how you “score” in each section.

Cannabis Laws, Accessibility & Testing

Before you start listing out the qualities of your cannabis match, there are some basic things to consider, like what you can use without facing legal repercussions or losing your job, and what you can actually get your hands on.

Consider this your preliminary quiz. Once you know what’s allowed, you can dial it in from there.

Hemp-derived CBD is federally legal. But are other forms of cannabis such as marijuana legal in your state?

  • A - Yes.
  • B - No.
  • C - Medical cannabis is, but recreational cannabis isn’t.

Are there recreational cannabis retailers in your area?

  • A - Yes, lots of them.
  • B - They’re few and far between.
  • C - None as far as the eye can see (or that I can drive to).

Do you need to pass a drug test in the near future?

  • A - Nope.
  • B - It’s a possibility.
  • C - Most definitely.

Your Results

Did you get straight A’s?

You’re probably in the clear to use any form of cannabis you choose! That means marijuana is on the table. So is CBD. Some states have separate restrictions on delta-8-THC — but if it’s sold at stores near you, it’s a safe bet from a legal standpoint.

Did you mark B’s down the line?

That’s a sign to stay away from any form of THC. Stick with federally-legal CBD products, which you can also order online if you can’t find them near you.

Did you C your way through it?

Sounds like hemp-derived CBD may be your friend. You could also look into your state’s medical cannabis program. If you have or might have a drug test soon, you should also know that any amount of THC  — even trace amounts in many CBD products — can lead to a failed drug test.

All Mixed Up?

  • If cannabis is permitted but you’re worried about drug testing, obviously your drug test results are more important.
  • If cannabis is illegal but you want more than CBD, see if you’re in a delta-8-friendly state. Delta-8 made from federally-legalized hemp could be the answer!
  • Cannabis might be legal, but not available locally. In that case, ordering delta-8 and CBD online is the way to go.

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Your Cannabis Lifestyle

You might call this the fun part. How is cannabis going to fit into your everyday or occasional soiree? Let’s find out!

How much do you want to “feel” your cannabis?

  • A - Crank it up to 11. I’m here for it.
  • B - A little buzz, no more, no less.
  • C - Zero or as close to it as possible, please!

Where do you see cannabis fitting into your lifestyle?

  • B - When I’m chilling in my sweatpants, binge watching the latest Netflix original.
  • C - Somewhere between my morning workout and evening routine.

Do you like to or want to get cooking with cannabis?

  • A - Naw, I’ll take mine straight up.
  • B - It might be nice to try it every now and then, but it’s not my top priority.
  • C - Oh, yeah. I’m the Julia Child of the cannabis culinary arts.

Your Results

Did you get straight A’s?

Looks like you’re on team THC! That could mean marijuana, or delta-8-THC. Delta-8 is a tad less intense, but still high vibe.

Did you mark B’s down the line?

Haaaave you met delta-8? If THC is a 10 (or 11), D8’s somewhere between 5-7. Delta-8 gummies are a great way to get a dose in, or you could source a tincture if you want to throw it into a smoothie or salad dressing.

Did you C your way through it?

All aboard the CBD train. This checks all your boxes: non-intoxicating, great for daily use, and CBD oil drops are fantastic for use in the kitchen.

All mixed up?

  • Have a high tolerance for cannabis, but want it to be a part of your day-to-day? You could be one of the folks who does well with daily delta-8, or who enjoys a joint or THC edible in the evening (or both).
  • Need a party companion but not so big on an altered mindset? Consider a small serving of D8, or try some broad-spectrum CBD, which contains the right cannabis compounds to potentially bring on a slight euphoric feeling.
  • Not satisfied with CBD and D8, yet still called to get cooking? You can certainly use marijuana-derived tinctures in recipes.

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Cannabis & Health

Improving wellness and complementing a healthcare plan are common reasons to look to cannabis. These questions can help you decide what form(s) of cannabis you want to chat with your doctor about.

How much is anxiety a factor when you’re deciding whether or not to try a new substance?

  • A - Not at all.
  • B - Somewhat.
  • C - Very much.

Is better sleep a part of your cannabis consideration equation?

  • A - It’s a main motivator.
  • B - It would be nice, but it’s not my top priority.
  • C - I sleep like a log already.

How are you looking to use cannabis for pain relief?

  • A - I want to use it to help manage my chronic pain.
  • B - I’d love to have it on hand for occasional headaches, back aches, and the like.
  • C - It’s not something I plan to use cannabis for.

Your Results

Did you get straight A’s?

Since you aren’t worried about THC triggering anxiety, you could try any form of cannabis.

Did you mark B’s down the line?

With some concern about anxiety, it’s best to avoid marijuana because it’s known to spark those anxious feelings. However, many people find that delta-8 doesn’t have that effect. That said, CBD is just as good of a candidate for your wellness needs.

Did you C your way through it?

All signs point to a THC-free cannabis routine. In this case, opt for CBD products.

All mixed up?

  • Are anxiety concerns at the top of your mind, along with the need for better sleep and pain relief? CBD’s our favorite in this case because it may reduce stress and anxiety while improving sleep quality and curbing inflammation and discomfort.(1,2)
  • If your need to sleep trumps everything else, you might see how an evening routine that involves delta-8 or CBD with melatonin treats you — or a combination of the two. Research suggests they both support a healthy sleep cycle.(2,3)
  • Here for pain relief above all else? You’re in good company. Lots of people use marijuana, CBD, or delta-8 for pain management. You might also try layering, like taking CBD softgels daily to reduce inflammation, and supplement with delta-8 or marijuana when you need more.

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You + Cannabis 4Eva

Now you know what’s legal, what’s practical, and which form of cannabis is likely to be most likely to help you reach your goals. Here’s how to put your perfect match info into action.

  • Is marijuana your main squeeze? Look for the best dispensaries near you.
  • Did D8 take the cake? Treat yourself to some vegan delta-8 gummies, or shop around for other D8 products online or IRL.
  • Could CBD be the one? You’ve got options! Look locally or take your pick from a wide range of products like CBD tinctures and topicals



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