March 15, 2022

Making The “Good” Outdoors “Great” With Delta-8

It’s a simple formula, really:

Nature + D8 = the Great Outdoors

You inherently know that scrapping your butt out of that office chair or off of that sofa and scooting outside — on occasion — is good for you. Why else would your mom and dad always tell you to go outside and play?!

And perhaps you’re in the know about delta-8-THC and how it might be a gummy-shaped blessing for your smattering of wellness concerns. (If not, we’ll be circling back to this in a min.)

Now imagine teaming these two gifts from Mother Earth working together. Uh-huh. There’s that spark of recognition — you’re envisioning how this lovely combo is elevating your experience of both the natural world and the D8.

We want you to see the forest for the trees, so let’s get into this! We’ll trek into the wilds of:

  • The potential benefits of being in nature and of delta-8
  • How to create the optimal outdoors + D8 experience

A World Of Benefits

So, separately, time spent outside and cannabis offer plenty of possible boosts to your physical and mental well-being. Together they have the potential to be diabolically good for you!

Let’s see what merits each has in its own right first. Then we’ll explore them as a pair.

Yes — Soak Up Lots Of Nature Time!

There’s a ton of research and data proving that ditching the confines of the indoors is a boon to your mind and body. (In fact, this is so well studied that there’s a field of psychology called ecopsychology that focuses on the emotional connections between humans and the Earth!)

So, what are some of the well-documented personal and societal bennies of al fresco immersion? For starters, heading for the hills (or your local park) can:(1,2,3)

  • Make you feel more: calm, happy, restored, focused
  • Make you feel less: irritable, isolated, aggressive, stressed
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Ease anxiety, depression, and Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms
  • Improve cognitive abilities
  • Bolster your immune system
  • Speed healing
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Reduce crime rates
  • Fortify communities

Delta-8-THC For Wellness Support

Delta-8’s no slouch either. Though there’s not a huge amount of research attesting to the benefits of D8, the data is starting to roll in. Plus, there’s a lot we can glean from the available info on cannabinoids and cannabis in general as well as THC (i.e., the delta-9 variety).

Here are some reported perks one might notice from D8:(4)

  1. A gentle(r) high than THC
  2. Increased appetite
  3. Support for brain health
  4. Improved sleep
  5. Better digestion
  6. Increased physical, mental, and emotional relaxation
  7. Pain relief

To get a more foundational understanding of delta-8-THC, read Delta-8-THC: What It Is, Where It Comes From, How It Differs From CBD & Delta-9-THC next.

Outside With Your D8 For The Win

Delta-8 and nature go hand in hand, like a buddy system of goodness for your whole being. When combined within responsible and healthful ways, the two elements can be synergistic.

It’s like a PB&J. A peanut butter sandwich is OK. And jelly may be your jam. But put them together and it can be otherworldly!

12 Activities That Totally Jibe With D8

Are you rearing to go, to get away from the madding crowd for some R&R with Mama Earth?

Here are some of our top ideas for things to do — things that can be safely enjoyed year-round with or without delta-8-THC as one of your companions. (Because you want those who aren’t consuming D8 to have loads of fun in sea and sun, too. Aww, you’re so considerate!)

Picnicking & BBQing

Everyone loves a jovial fresh-air meal! If you’re going to be the day’s grillmaster, just make sure that your partaking of delta-8 doesn’t impair your ability to safely handling fire.

Yoga & Meditation

D8 and outdoor settings were made to be paired with movement and mindfulness practices. That’s why they go so well with all styles of yoga and meditation. Let your flows be flowier and your centering be more centered!

Takin’ A Hike

Or, maybe snowshoeing if it’s snowy and wintry. Or simply a stroll if you want a more low-key endeavor. As long as you have sure footing, going on your version of a walk in the park could be a golden time to enjoy some delta-8-THC.

Forest Bathing

No, this isn’t going into the woods and taking a dip in a tub. At its most basic, this is taking a purposeful-but-leisurely foray into a natural space and kind of just tuning into and absorbing your surroundings. It’s an all-immersive sensory experience with lots of documented benefits.(5) Delta-8 could facilitate the experience.

Game Playing

Anything from a satisfying streak of solitaire to a rousing round of Red Rover to a badminton battle is fair game (as long as you can do it safely!). Possibly best to leave the lawn darts and caber tossing for another day, though.


Maybe you want an extended period of time away from the interior of your home or office. We get it! Pitching a tent and cozying up to a campfire might be your thing. With a bit of delta-8-THC, it may be even more rewarding.

Makin’ Whoopee

If you’re so inclined (or reclined) — and can do so safely and legally — delta-8 and nature could really give your sexual encounter a leg up, so to speak. A little outdoor action could deepen intimacy, rekindle imagination, or add a new dimension of fun to your relationship.

Backyard Movie Night

It can be as simple as gathering your peeps and casting a movie, cartoons, family videos onto a screen, sheet, wall. Cuddling up with someone special and watching your flick on a tablet works, too! Either way, D8 can earn your cinematic evening two thumbs up.


Sound is music to your soul! Attending an outdoor concert is an awesome way to spend time with Mother Nature. Especially if the venue is one of those cool outside amphitheaters. Now imagine D8 opening you up even more to the vibrations your favorite metal band or symphony is emitting….


How about cultivating your small piece of land while cultivating some good feels with delta-8? Working on your plant beds or in your veggie/flower patch offers a bounty of wellness wins. And dirt + D8 may grow even better results.

Skygazing & Stargazing

The only thing that might top laying on your back and looking at the sky (assuming it’s not raining…) is adding delta-8-THC into the program. You can examine the patterns made by tree branches overlapping the blue heavens during the day. At night, you can trace the trails of falling stars and the outlines of constellations.

Just Chilllin’

Duhn nuh nuh nuh – it’s hammock time! Who says your activity has to be active? Sitting on a piece of driftwood at the beach and spacing out or curling up with a good book on your porch swing are legit, too! And D8 might level up those pastimes for you.

Tips For The Best Delta-8 Nature Experience

You invest a lot of time, money, and effort into your outdoor exploits and your cannabis. So, let’s make sure you make the most of your surf-and-turf time and delta-8!

Safety First, Always

Sensible and responsible use of delta-8 is a must. It’s a mildly psychoactive substance that can affect each person differently. As such, start low and slow.

Once you know how your body responds to it, you’ll have a better idea of the types and level of activity that are suitable for you to do while consuming D8. Then just plan accordingly.

At any rate, here are some cautions we feel are worth calling out if anyone in your party is using delta-8:

  • Don’t drive, operate heavy machinery, swim, etc. under the influence of delta-8-THC.
  • Keep delta-8 away from kids, pets, and other animals.
  • Make sure your D8 products are properly labeled and stored.
  • Delta-8 + alcohol and/or caffeine may not be a good mix.
  • Pace yourself, with both your delta-8-THC dosing and your activities
  • Keep eye on each other.

Optimize Your Time Outdoors

It’s recommended that you:(1,3,6)

  • Aim for at least a couple of hours outside every week. We know — what a bummer — ya gotta bask in the sunshine like a milk-sated kitty cat for a nice stretch on a regular basis….
  • Choose places where you feel comfortable and secure. After all, you don’t want to ratchet up your stress.
  • If you’re pursuing an activity that’s gear towards mindfulness, consider eliminating or limiting distractions. E.g., Put away your devices if they pull you away from being present in your natural environment.
  • Make time in nature a habit early on. It’s never too early or too late to start steeping yourself — and the young people in your life — in wonders and benefits of the great outdoors.

Only Use High-Quality D8

Life’s too short and precious to use junky products. You’re worth only the best delta-8 goods. So, how do you know you’re getting the primo stuff:

  1. Only buy from a reputable company.
  2. Opt for products made from organic American hemp.
  3. Read product labels and certificates of analysis to confirm purity, potency, other ingredients, etc.
  4. Consider crowd wisdom (like reviews, testimonials, and ratings).

The Grass Is Always Greener With Delta-8

Paving your primrose path with D8 could be a natural way to elevate your time outdoors. Both delta-8-THC and nature offer a breadth of potential benefits.

So, go ahead – answer the call of the wild! And bring some delta-8 along for an even more exhilarating, satisfying response.



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