February 11, 2022

How To Talk To Your Doctor About CBD

If you're considering using CBD oil to manage a health condition, it’s best to check in with your medical team first. But, it can still feel daunting to bring up the CBD chat with your doctor.

Many people are hesitant to do this, thinking their doctor won't be open-minded about CBD. But, doctors prefer that you be honest with them about your health plan! Plus, there's a lot of research on CBD that your doctor is possibly already familiar with.

So, how do you bring it up? Here are our best tips for talking to your doctor about CBD.

Why Talk To Your Doctor First?

Why even mention it to your doctor? CBD is widely available online and in health stores. It’s not like you need a prescription to grab a CBD gummy or CBD cream

Well, having a medical professional's opinion is always a good idea when it comes to making decisions about your health. Your doctor will probably want to stay in the loop about any healthcare changes you make, including adding CBD oil to your routine.

Plus, he or she might help you figure out if CBD is the right choice for you. When you want to start a CBD regimen, you also probably have questions about:

  • How CBD works
  • Potential side effects
  • Whether it's safe for youto use
  • Proper dosing and formulations

The list likely goes on….

Even if your doctor isn't following the latest CBD news, he or she can help you weigh the pros and cons of using it. Your doc can also inform you on potential interactions with your current meds and contraindications for certain medical conditions.

So how do you start the convo with your healthcare provider?

Talk To Your Doctor About Why You Want to Use CBD

Begin by telling your doctor what conditions you're hoping to manage with CBD oil. CBD might ease a variety of conditions, like anxiety, chronic pain, and nausea.

It may help for you to bring a recent study or two to your doctor's attention. Tell your doctor what you've read about the benefits of CBD and why you're interested in trying it.

If your goal is to use CBD to replace other medications, let your doctor know. Aside from the drug Epidiolex, CBD is not an approved treatment for any condition, so your doctor will want to know why you're choosing it over other options.

Starting The Conversation: Some Scripts To Try

Sometimes, writing down what you want to say can help you organize your thoughts and feel more prepared for when you talk to your doctor.

Here are a few scripts that might help get the discussion rolling:

"I've been hearing a lot about CBD lately. I think it might help me with my [insert condition here], and I want to talk to you about my options for using CBD."

"I've been reading about CBD oil and its potential benefits for [insert benefit here]. I wanted to get your thoughts on it and see if it's something that you think would be helpful for me."

"I've been thinking about trying CBD for my [insert condition here]. I have some questions about how it would work and if there are any potential risks. Can we talk about whether you think it's a good option for me?"

Questions To Ask Your Doctor About CBD

Having a few questions to ask your doctor — ready in advance — can be tremendously useful, too. Don’t be afraid to write them down and bring them to your appointment!

Here are a few ideas to guide the conversation:

  • How much do you know about CBD?
  • What are your thoughts on using CBD to manage certain conditions?
  • Is there any research that supports the use of CBD oil for my condition?
  • Do you know which type of CBD would be best for me?
  • Are there any potential side effects I should be aware of?
  • Will this interact negatively with other medications or supplements I'm taking?
  • How much should I start with?

CBD is becoming more common, so your doctor may already be in the know. He or she can advise you on whether it's OK for you to use with other medications and may even be able to suggest a dosage that's right for you.

However, be aware that your doctor may not have all the answers to your questions. If you have specific questions about CBD that your doctor can't answer, he or she may be able to refer you to someone more familiar with medical or personal-use cannabis. (Some healthcare systems actually have departments dedicated to complementary and alternative medicine.)

It’s always okay to seek a second or expert opinion! After all, you are your own best advocate for your well-being.

Time To Do Your Own Research

So you've had the CBD conversation, and your doc’s given you the green light to try CBD.

There's still a little more research to do on your end.

Unless you're thinking about Epidiolex (the CBD drug that treats childhood seizures), you're probably going to be looking at recreationally-available OTC CBD products. This means you can buy your CBD online, in a health food store, or maybe even at your local corner shop.

But not all CBD products are of equal value. The amount of CBD in a product, the quality of the CBD oil, and the purity of the ingredients will vary from brand to brand. Be a savvy consumer, and make sure what you're buying is top-notch, highly-bioavailable nano CBD oil.

Feel free to peruse our blog posts if you need to level-up your CBD/CBD buying knowledge. Here’s a suggested reading list to help you hit the ground running:

  • How To Know You're Buying Pure CBD Oil
  • How to Read CBD Product Labels for Safety and Quality
  • How To Read A Certificate Of Analysis (COA) For Your CBD Products

Having The CBD Talk With Your Doc

Sometimes it can feel a little daunting to talk to your doctor about CBD, but remember that your healthcare team is there to support your well-being.

It can help to have a short starter script written down to get the conversation going, and bring a list of questions you'd like to address during your appointment. Most importantly, be honest with your doctor about why you're interested in using CBD and what you hope to achieve with it.

If you're curious to learn more about CBD, be sure to check out our blog. We have tons of information about CBD, from the science behind it to how to choose the right product for you.


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