December 15, 2021

How To Know You're Buying Pure CBD Oil

Only the best will do when it comes to what you put on and in your body. That’s why there’s no doubt about it — pure CBD oil is the way to go.

Not to be confused with pure CBD isolate, pure CBD oil is CBD oil that’s been thoughtfully produced from seed to sale. Impurities are avoided through the whole process. That oil can then be used to make pure hemp gummies, pure CBD oil softgels, and oodles of other products.

Unfortunately, there aren’t rules about labeling CBD as pure. That means you’ve gotta do some detective work to figure out what’s what.

If seeking out truly pure, natural CBD oil has you scratching your head, consider this your ultimate guide. We’re breaking down the signs of CBD purity. So let’s get to it!

Wait...Why Pure CBD Oil?

Good question! Let’s take a quick glance at why you’d go through the trouble of reading this article and hunting down a pure CBD oil.

The fact is that not all CBD is created equal. A pure CBD oil product has these specific advantages.

  • It helps you avoid exposure to toxins from non-organic cultivation, like heavy metals and pesticides.
  • The flavor is better.
  • You have a clear picture of how it was produced from start to finish.
  • Rando ingredients that simply don’t belong in your CBD oil are avoided.
  • There’s no mystery about what’s in the product.

Whether you’re using full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate, a pure product means you’re avoiding the bad stuff and loading up on the good.

And about the good…

Broad-Spectrum CBD: Pure & Effective

If you’re going through all the effort to track down pure CBD oil, you probably want as many bennies as possible. Annnnd you might wanna do that without challenging the law.

That’s where broad-spectrum CBD comes in.

  • Whereas full-spectrum CBD can contain more than the federally-legal limit of THC, broad-spectrum CBD contains virtually none. It’s also federally legal.
  • And whereas isolate CBD is straight-up CBD — with everything else from the plant it came from stripped away — broad-spectrum CBD contains beneficial plant compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.

Everything in broad-spectrum CBD works together to call in the entourage!That is, the contents can synergize and create what’s known as the entourage effect, which may increase the effectiveness of the CBD.

A pure broad-spectrum CBD product is a winner if you want to get all the good you can out of your CBD minus concerns about quality and the law.

It’s pretty much the Goldilocks of CBD extract: Just Right!

Now let’s learn how to tell if that pure brand CBD oil is all it claims to be.

Is Your CBD Oil Pure?

There are quite a few factors that affect the purity (or not-so purity) of CBD oil. Every step counts from seed to sale.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase Garbage in, garbage out. Yah, it’s like that.

Pure CBD Comes From Organically-Cultivated Hemp

We simply can’t stress the importance of pure cultivation enough.

Think about it like this: CBD oil is a concentrated extract from hemp. If the hemp it’s extracted from is contaminated in any way, it directly translates into the quality of the CBD oil.

Hemp is crazy good at sucking up impurities from the soil. We’re talking toxins like heavy metals, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides. These substances can be hazardous to your health. That’s why soil preparation is the first step to creating a pure hemp extract. Cannabidiol extracted from organically-cultivated hemp is the way to go.

The rest of the cultivation process matters, too. No toxic chemicals are used in the growing process to protect the soil and the plant.

US-Grown Hemp Is Best For Pure CBD

Hemp has been grown in many parts of the world consistently since the dawn of agriculture. The US has only recently made modern hemp cultivation legal — and the government has strict regulations about how it’s grown.

This might sound like a total bummer for hemp farmers, but it has an upside: You get peace of mind knowing the hemp that your CBD’s made from was carefully monitored through the growing process. That’s why we consider CBD made from domestic hemp to be a marker of pure CBD oil.

CBD Extraction Methods Matter

Alright, we know a happy little hemp plant is the first step toward pure CBD oil. Then comes the matter of getting the CBD (and other good-for-you compounds) out of the plant. It’s extraction time!

There are many CBD extraction methods ranging from super low tech to borderline rocket science. The lower tech options such as steam distillation and solvent extraction can leave chemical residues and parts of the plant you don’t want if you care about flavor. Not exactly ideal for a pure and enjoyable final product.

That’s why we pull out all the stops to use CO₂ extraction. The only downside (for smaller producers) is the price tag, but we say it’s worth it. This extraction technique yields a consistently pure, clean-tasting CBD extract.

Pure CBD Oil Doesn’t Contain Fillers Or Mystery Ingredients

Once the CBD’s been coaxed out of its hemp hideaway, it’s blended with other ingredients to make the CBD oil products you know and love.

For CBD oil, processors start by adding a high-quality carrier oil. Some prime carrier oils include avocado oil, hemp seed oil, and our personal favorite — MCT oil. We like the latter because it’s exceptional at aiding absorption.

Other ingredients are important, too. Flavors, sweeteners, and any other items should be carefully sourced.

Some CBD products are better when vegan-friendly — to avoid low-quality, animal-derived ingredients. CBD pure hemp gummies are a great example. CBD gummies made from plant-based gelatin don’t include traditional gelatin, which can have questionable origins.

Pretty much, if you see something scary — pass. Make that a hard pass.

The Proof Is In The Certificate Of Analysis

All of the above are great indicators of pure CBD, but how do you really know. Ya know?

It ultimately comes down to science. More specifically, lab testing. And more specifically still, independent third-party lab testing so you know the results are unbiased.

The results of a CBD product analysis are delivered in a certificate of analysis, aka a COA.

The COA tells you things that can't fit onto a tiny label, and it backs up any claims about the contents. Read the COA to find out what cannabinoids are in the product and how much of each cannabinoid it contains. This is the place to go if you want to know if the THC is within the federally-legal limit (at or below 0.3%).

Point blank:

  • No COA? Bye!
  • COA findings not consistent with the product claims? No thanks!

Become a COA wiz with our guideHow To Read A Certificate Of Analysis (COA) For Your CBD Products under the CBD Education tab here on our blog.

Where To Buy Pure CBD Oil

So, you’re ready to use your newfound knowledge and shop for CBD. But where to start?

In states where CBD’s widely available, you might start at your local pharmacy, hemp shop, or health food store. If you’re going that route, make sure the retailer knows its stuff. After all, you’re probably going to have some Qs about the CBD’s origins and production — and the seller darn well better have the As for you!

Shopping for CBD online is another option, and a great one at that! With the world wide CBD web within a few clickety-clicks, you can quickly and easily research product purity. Once you hone in on the best product, simply Add to Cart and have it shipped to your door.

Whichever path you choose, don’t compromise on purity. ‘Cause you deserve only the most premium CBD products possible!

Put It To The Pure Test

Pure CBD oil is better for your body, and it gives you peace of mind. Broad-spectrum CBD oil is the best deal if you’re looking to legally buy pure CBD oil that offers max results.

Here’s a summary of what to look for when you’re setting out to buy pure CBD.

  • Make sure the CBD comes from organically-cultivated hemp to avoid toxins.
  • Check that the hemp was grown in the USA where hemp is super regulated.
  • Seek out CBD made with CO₂ extraction for the best flavor and quality.
  • Scan the ingredients list. Skip products with sketchy additives and inclusions.
  • Consult the COA to confirm the potency and purity of the CBD.

At Pure Craft CBD, purity is what we do. (Probably a good thing since it isessentially our name!) From organic cultivation to the careful curation of product ingredients, we’re transparent about our meticulous standards. Independent third-party lab testing proves it. Just check out the COAs to see for yourself! They’re on every product page.


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