February 04, 2022

CBD-Infused Foods & Beverages [A Satisfying Guide For The Hungry & Thirsty]

CBD-infused foods and drinks are all the rage right now.

A little dose of CBD with your morning coffee? How about a CBD chocolate truffle after your next meal? Maybe a CBD tea to help you relax before bed?

CBD can be infused into all sorts of foods and drinks, and we're bound to see more popping up on supermarket shelves.

Read on for this gourmet guide — plus all the delectable details on CBD-infused fare.

What Are CBD Foods?

CBD is extremely popular as a health product — coming in forms like tinctures, oils, and creams.

But another increasingly popular type of CBD goodie includes food and drink items. They're just like they sound — common food items that have been infused with CBD extract. No tricks here, just treats.

CBD foods require some high-tech gear to take the CBD and infuse it into the food or a water-based beverage. We think of it as a labor of love…. But you can also DIY CBD-infused foods in mere moments in your own home. (We’ll circle back to this soon.)

Infused foods and beverages can be made with CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, or full-spectrum CBD. Some people may prefer the lack of "hempy" taste that comes with infusing eats and drinks with a CBD isolate. Though, others may opt for the full- or broad-spectrum option, since it’s likely closer to what you might find in a CBD tincture.

Why CBD Foods & Drinks?

Alcohol can leave you intoxicated. Soda is packed with sugar. Energy drinks come with tons of caffeine. Sometimes you just want another option.

CBD-infused beverages offer consumers a new kind of drinkable treat. And the popularity of CBD drinks is bubbling over as people look for healthier alternatives to alcohol and soda.

Also, foods and beverages offer a great way to disguise the flavor of CBD, if you’re not so fond of the taste. The possibilities are endless, so CBD-infused foods can really be a delicious way for people to manage health issues like chronic pain and anxiety. What better way to introduce CBD to someone than through a scrumptious CBD gummy or CBD chocolate?

P.S. Take a look at our blog CBD + Chocolate – A Match Made In Heaven for the wonders of CBD mixed with chocolate.

Types Of CBD-Infused Foods

CBD has come a long way from an obscure health tincture to gastronomic delight. Retailers are partnering with chefs to create truly delectable culinary creations.

An online search will yield dozens of CBD foods like:

  • CBD nut butters
  • CBD hot sauces
  • CBD breakfast cereal
  • CBD chocolate bars
  • CBD truffles
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD dried fruits
  • CBD candies
  • CBD cookies
  • CBD mints

Common CBD-Infused Drinks

And here are just a few of the CBDrinks that have recently hit the market:

  • CBD water
  • CBD soda
  • CBD coffee
  • CBD juice
  • CBD tea
  • CBD milk
  • CBD smoothies

CBD: A Food Additive?

When ingredients get added to food and drink products, they're called food additives. There are all kinds of regulations about what can be added to food. The FDA is responsible for making sure those rules are followed.

Food additives need to receive FDA approval or a GRAS declaration (generally recognized as safe) to make sure the additive is OK for human consumption. This means that CBD foods and drinks live in a regulatory gray area for the time being.

But — CBD laws are changing all the time. So it's important to stay updated on the regulations in the CBD world. The most recent CBD news is the announcement of The CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act.

The CBD Product Safety & Standardization Act

Introduced on December 2, The CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act of 2021 proposes to establish federal standards and require the FDA to regulate CBD in foods and beverages.(1)

If passed, the act would allow the FDA to regulate CBD as a food additive. The FDA would have oversight and need to issue regulations around:

  • Maximum amount of CBD in food products
  • Labeling and packaging requirements
  • Intended use conditions

This means that the FDA will be taking its first step in regulating the use of over-the-counter CBD products.

Given the demand for CBD products, it comes as no surprise that the government wants to ensure the safety of products before they hit market shelves. Stick around for updates on this emerging story!

Some states (lookin’ at you, California!), however, aren’t waiting for Congress — they’re passing their own legislation paving the way for CBD-infused foods and drinks. So keep your eyes open for more localized developments as well.

Making Your Own CBD-Infused Sips & Nibbles

Maybe you can’t find CBD foods and drinks at your local store. Or you want more control over what goes into them. Not to worry — DIYing your favorite foods and bevs isn't as hard as it might seem.

Just use a premium-quality CBD tincture to make your own CBD-infused goodies. We like to use the tincture drops directly into recipes and drinks. You'll just need to pick between CBD oil or CBD water-solubles.

Choose a CBD oil when your recipe is oil-based like a salad dressing or when baking. When you want to add CBD into tea, smoothies, or other water-based foods and drinks use water-soluble CBD tinctures. Easy peasy!

To get started, check out How To Bake & Cook With CBD According To Science. You’ll also find a trove of CBD foodie inspiration and recipes in the CBD for Cooking section of our blog. Have fun y’all!

CBD-Infused Foods & Drinks: The Final Lip-Smackin’ Bite

CBD’s becoming more popular by the day, and it seems like there's something new to try at every turn. CBD-infused foods and beverages are just another way to take CBD — possibly the tastiest!

Greater buzz means more types of products on the shelves. It also means the government is taking a closer look at CBD and trying to enact laws to better regulate it.

In the meantime, if you can’t find CBD-infused food and beverage items locally (at a store or eatery), you can make your own CBD-infused creations. Add CBD to your favorite dishes or drinks by using a top-quality CBD tincture.



  1. Keller and Heckman LLP. (2021). House Introduces Bill to Regulate CBD in Food. The National Law Review. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/house-introduces-bill-to-regulate-cbd-food

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