April 11, 2022

CBD & Pet Grooming: Turning Troublesome Baths Into Happy Tails

There’s nothing better than a freshly fluffed pup or kitten — according to you.

Your pet might have other feelings about being separated from you only to be sprayed down, soaped up, and shaved where the sun don’t shine by a complete stranger. And if they’re dealing with painful skin issues like hot spots or arthritic joints that make them edgy, any chance of a carefree visit is out the window.

If your pet gets high-strung when it’s time to visit the groomer, the cannabis-based compound cannabidiol (CBD) might be able to lend a helping paw. In addition to inspiring a mellow mood, CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce pain and soothe skin. Plus, it’s loaded with antioxidants and contains vitamins that are good for skin and overall health.(1,2)

Don’t think that we forgot about the groomer professionals. If you’re curious about CBD oil now that more of your clients are using it, or you’re thinking about using CBD products in your shop, stay.

We’re here to tease out the tidbits pet owners and groomers need to know about CBD for cats and dogs.

The Basics On CBD For Pets

Are you in new territory with all this CBD stuff? Here’s the scoop!

CBD is a part of the cannabinoid family. Cannabinoids are natural compounds found in the cannabis plant.

After being extracted from cannabis, CBD is formulated into CBD oil drops or a number of other products — like edibles, pills, muscle rubs, and even dog grooming products.

There are some differences between CBD for humans and products made for pets. Pet CBD is of a lower strength than the CBD oil you’d use because cats and dogs have more receptors for cannabinoids. This means they need a lower dose to feel the effects.

And since the cannabinoid you probably know as THC is toxic to pets, pet CBD is THC-free.

We could go on and on about CBD for pets, but we’ll let you dig into CBD For Dogs: A Guide For Humans and Giving Your Cat CBD: A Guide for Humans if you want more details.

The Benefits Of CBD For Groomer-Bound Dogs & Cats

All mammals, including our furry friends, have a system that cannabinoids plug into and interact with called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Through the ECS, cannabinoids influence different body systems. This is why CBD’s benefits span the body and mind.

Giving your pet CBD might result in:(1,3,4)

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Less joint pain

  • Better mobility

  • Healthier skin and coat

  • Fewer allergic reactions

  • Fewer seizures for pets with epilepsy

Better health and a calmer demeanor make life easier for your pet, their groomer, and you. What’s not to love?

How To Make Pet Grooming Easier With CBD

Depending on what results you’re looking for, you might give your pet CBD regularly. Or it might be something reserved for trips to the suds station.

A Regular Regimen: CBD For Pet Wellness

There are lots of reasons why you might give your pet CBD even when that next grooming appointment is weeks away.

Consistently using CBD allows you to dial in the perfect dose for your pet while keeping the beneficial properties in its system. You might consider this approach if your pet has conditions such as arthritis, allergies, or epilepsy, or if it could use a daily dose of chill to keep the claws retracted.

Adding CBD drops to your pet’s food or water daily is usually the easiest way to give a dose, unless your fur child is tolerant of you squeezing drops into its mouth. CBD drops also have minimal ingredients, so it’s the purest option.

Before You Go: CBD For Pet Anxiety

If your pet isn’t taking CBD regularly, a dose before you crack open the travel crate (and your otherwise-obedient pet runs the other way) is another route.

This can get a teensy bit tricky time-wise because everyone (animals included) processes CBD differently. Which means you don’t know exactly when Lucky or Lucy will be feeling the effects. The good news is that CBD’s effects last several hours, so you can give your pet CBD drops or your chosen product well in advance.

At The Groomers: CBD-Infused Skincare For Pets

CBD dog bath, anyone? Or how about a hemp-infused dip for your feline?

Just like we’re seeing CBD skin and beauty products for us bipeds, CBD pet grooming products are strutting onto the scene.

Unlike CBD oil drops and other ingestible products, CBD pet shampoos, conditioners, creams, and salves are made specifically for tending to your fur baby’s hair and skin. When applied topically, the anti-inflammatory effects may ease itching and skin irritation, while antioxidants and vitamins A, E, and D support skin health.(2) Healthy skin means a healthy, lustrous coat!

Tips & Tricks For Safe CBD Grooming

Any product you give your pet comes with the responsibility of making sure it’s safe . Even chew toys come with safety notes! This is what you should know about using CBD safely in the grooming environment.

Tips For Pet Parents

As a loving animal parent, your mission is to:

  • Always use a high-quality CBD product. Quality CBD is made from organically cultivated hemp grown in the USA.

  • Inquire with your groomer to make sure they’re also using products that meet these standards.

  • Give your vet a call to make sure there aren’t any potential risks you should be aware of if your pet has a health condition or is taking medication.

Tips For Groomers

As the expert fur wrangler, your assignment is to:

  • Learn all you can about CBD so you can speak to your clients about it and use it safely.

  • Source CBD grooming products made with quality ingredients and inform your clients about your chosen products.

  • Most pets can use CBD without any issues, but it’s important to know the side effects. Lip smacking, lethargy, and stomach upset (appearing to us as bloating, diarrhea, turning away food, etc.) are signs to discontinue use.

Home-Based Grooming

Yay! <not!> Your chore list includes washing the big, galumphy dog and scratch-tastic cat. Getting someone else to do it isn’t an option.

Fortunately, while much of this post focuses on suggestions for when your pet goes to a pro groomer, you can use them, too. Administering CBD to your pets for at-home tubby time can really help them out and create a wonderful opportunity for bonding with your animals.

(And if grooming your pet frays your nerves, you can dip into the CBD well. There are plenty of CBD products for us people!)

Purely Paw-fect Pet Grooming With CBD

As much as your best friend might fight you on it, it needs a bath now and then. Using CBD oil at home may help ease your pet’s separation anxiety, overstimulation, and discomfort so bathtime isn’t stressful.

At the groomers, the professionals can bust out their CBD-infused suds and topicals to support skin and coat health.

With the help of quality CBD products, pet grooming doesn't have to be so ruff!



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