July 06, 2022

CBD & Accident Recovery

You took a tumble off your bike, and now your body is aching all over. You’re pretty sure you twisted your ankle, and your elbow is throbbing.

Or maybe you were in a car accident, and now your neck and back are killing you. The doctor says you're looking at months of physical therapy.

Not only do you have to deal with the physical pain of the injury — but you also have to cope with the emotional stress of the situation. Physical therapy appointments, medical bills, and time off from work all add to the pile of stress.

Perhaps CBD can lend a helping hand.

CBD For Bone Injuries

If you're nursing a broken bone, CBD may be able to help. Research suggests that CBD might help improve fracture healing by stimulating the activity of osteoblasts — cells that play a role in bone formation.(1)

CBD may also reduce inflammation due to the bone injury, which can further help the healing process.

This might be because the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 have been found to regulate bone homeostasis.(2)

More clinical trials in human patients are needed to strengthen the evidence for CBD's bone-healing properties but, so far, the signs are promising.

CBD For Back Injuries

CBD might offer significant relief for some back pain sufferers.(3)

You have a few options when it comes to taking CBD for back injuries. You could use a topical CBD cream in the area of pain for targeted relief. If your back pain is more widespread, you could take CBD oil orally for systemic relief.

You can also layer different types of CBD for more effective alleviation. For example, you could take a CBD softgel each morning and use a topical CBD cream on your back as needed.

Read our guide on Layering CBD: How To Do It Safely & Effectively for more tips.

CBD For Sports Injuries

Athletes are increasingly turning to CBD to manage pain and inflammation from sports injuries. And major research institutions are taking note. A randomized trial led by the Center for Pain Medicine and the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at UC San Diego is looking at the efficacy of THC and CBD in alleviating pain and facilitating recovery.(4)

The participating rugby players who report experiencing pain post-game will be assigned either THC, CBD, a combination of THC and CBD, or a placebo. The results of the study will give us a better idea of how effective CBD is at treating sports injuries, but the researchers believe that the THC + CBD combo will be more effective than CBD on its own.

CBD For Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion

We're learning more and more about the neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Some research suggests that CBD might be a helpful treatment for traumatic brain injury and concussion as it can reduce inflammation and improve cerebral blood flow.(5)

The University of Miami is leading a five-year study on the effectiveness of a CBD pill in treating symptoms of traumatic brain injury and concussion.(6)

CBD For Mental Well-Being After Accidents

As we know, the mind-body connection is very important for a speedy recovery. All the physical and emotional stress from your accident can lead to some serious anxiety.

Will I get better?

How will I pay my medical bills?

When can I go back to work?

Recovering from an accident can be a trying time. CBD has unique qualities that aid in stress and anxiety reduction. Research even suggests that CBD has the potential to treat anxiety disorders.(7)

When you go through an accident, the mind often needs support to recover just as much as the body does.

CBD For Post-Accident PTSD

After a major accident, many people struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. Symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety. There's some research coming out that CBD might help reduce symptoms of PTSD.(8)

How To Add CBD To Your Recovery Plan

Getting into an accident is a scary experience. But adding CBD to your recovery plan might help you feel better both physically and mentally.

We've put together this quick guide to help you get started and get the most out of your CBD.

Plan It Smart & Safe

It's always best to talk to your doctor about adding any new product to your health routine, especially if you're taking other medications. You want to be sure you aren't taking any recovery meds that could interact with cannabidiol.

Choose The Best CBD For Your Accident Recovery

Don’t let the mountain of CBD choices overwhelm you. Here are the key things to consider when picking a CBD product for your accident recovery needs:

  • Topical CBD might help if you have localized pain from your injury — like a back sprain or a stretched muscle.
  • For more widespread relief, you may want to take CBD oil sublingually or orally. This could be in the form of a CBD oil, CBD water-soluble, CBD gummy, or CBD capsule. All are great options, though CBD oil may be faster-acting than a CBD gummy.
  • Full-spectrum CBD (contains some THC) might work better for soothing pain than broad-spectrum CBD (has trace amounts of THC) or CBD isolate.
  • If you want minimal THC in your CBD, look into broad-spectrum CBD so you can still benefit from the wellness and synergistic properties of the other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

It's No Accident You Stumbled Upon CBD

Accidents are never fun, but CBD might be able to help during the recovery process. From reducing pain and inflammation to aiding in mental wellbeing, CBD can provide much-needed support during this challenging time.

If you're canna-curious about adding CBD into your accident recovery plan, be sure to talk to your doctor first and do your research. Then choose a highly-bioavailable CBD product from a reputable source and stay the course for the best results.



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