February 03, 2022

Cannabis For Couples: A Guide To The Romantic Benefits Of Cannabis

What keeps the blazing flame of love alive in a relationship?

There's a lot that goes into a successful relationship, from trust and constant communication, to sharing new experiences together and maintaining physical intimacy.

Love is a verb, which means it's something that needs to be worked on every day. There are many things you can do to keep the flame of romance burning strong — and using cannabis can be one of them.

For many couples, cannabis adds an extra spark to their relationship, enhancing the connection between partners and deepening intimacy.

Read on to find out how cannabis can enhance your relationship and bring you closer than ever before!

Using Cannabis For More Intimacy

Cannabis can help couples reconnect with each other on a more profound level. Studies show that couples report feeling greater intimacy when using cannabis together.(1)

Enjoying cannabis together might lead to more frequent emotionally and physically intimate interactions with your partner. This could lead to a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

Cannabis Might Lead To Better Sex

Many people find that using cannabis before engaging in sexual activity helps them achieve greater relaxation and pleasure. Studies show that people feel more relaxed, experience a heightened sense of touch, and have increased libido when using cannabis.

In fact, here’s what one 2019 study revealed:(2)

  • 73% of the cannabis users reported increased sexual satisfaction.
  • 58% said they had a higher sex drive.
  • 74% said higher sensitivity to touch.
  • 65% experienced more intense orgasms.

Similar results have been found in other studies. In a study on women’s sexual function:(3)

  • 68.5% of participants who used marijuana before sex said that they experienced more pleasure in their overall sexual experience.
  • 60% said they noticed a higher sex drive.
  • 52% noticed more satisfying orgasms.

Lastly, using cannabis might lead to having more sex. Studies suggest that marijuana users have sex more often.(4) Talk about a powerful aphrodisiac!

Cannabis Can Boost Relaxation & Presence

Cannabis has unique properties that make it a stellar choice for couples looking to relax together. The plant's ability to reduce stress and anxiety can promote a sense of calmness and wellbeing.(5)

It can help you unwind after a long day, release tension from holding onto past events, and shake off the stress of everyday life.

For couples, this can be especially beneficial. When both partners feel more relaxed and at ease, they're likely to feel more connected and more present with one another.

Supporting Each Other's Wellness Goals Through Cannabis

For couples that are looking to support each other's journey to well-being, cannabis can be a great tool.

Unlike alcohol, CBD — a key cannabinoid in cannabis — doesn't cause hangovers or groggy mornings. Instead, it can be a great way to begin the day feeling clear-headed and refreshed.

Starting a CBD wellness routine can help you keep each other accountable to your mental and physical health goals.

Using Cannabis To Have More Fun Together

The benefits of using cannabis together go beyond the physical. The plant can also help couples have more fun together!

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be easy to forget that dating your partner is important. The joy and excitement of your early courtship can begin to fade over time when you get comfortable with each other.

One way couples can rekindle some of the thrill and passion in their relationships is by doing activities together. A new shared hobby, new experiences, and a little spontaneity can go a long way in building and bolstering intimacy and excitement.

Here’s some suggestions to kick of your brainstorming sesh:

  • Never tried delta-8-THC before? Why not check it out together?
  • How about enhancing your exercise routine with a little cannabis? It might just make your workouts way more fun.(6)
  • Maybe you can slice into the world of cannabis-infused gourmet cooking together….

Incorporating Cannabis Into Your Relationship

The world of cannabis is vast and varied. You have the option of trying many different products, from smoking flower to eating gummies — particularly if you live in a state that allows marijuana products. But even if you live in a CBD-only state, you still have plenty to choose from.

If you're both new to cannabis, start by trying out a few different methods and products to find what you both like.

Here are our fave intimacy-enhancing ideas:

  • Eating cannabis edibles and putting on your favorite movie
  • Taking D8 gummies and diving into some creative projects together
  • Trying cannabis-infused lubricants in the bedroom
  • Elevating a sensual couple’s massage with CBD topical cream
  • Cooking up some cannabis culinary creations together
  • Setting up a couple’s morning CBD oil and meditation routine

Cannabis For Canna-Blissful Romantic Relationships

Relationships take work, but that doesn't mean it's always serious business. Working on your relationship can mean prioritizing intimacy, connection, and enjoyment.

Cannabis can be a positive addition to your relationship, helping to create a more blissful and romantic relationship. The plant has many benefits, from helping you relax and unwind to potentially enhancing sexual experiences.

From D8 gummies to CBD water solubles and topical creams — there are so many fun ways to enhance your couple’s activities with cannabis. The hardest part will be deciding what to try first!



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