August 08, 2022

8 Ways To Be A Better Hybrid Worker

The great thing about the digital age is that it's opened up a whole world of opportunities for people who want to work from home. With a good internet connection, we can take our work with us on our laptops and phones.

This has led to the rise of the hybrid worker — someone who splits his or her time between working from home and going into the office.

While this setup has many benefits, it can also be challenging to balance both modes of working. In some ways, you need to work harder to be a successful hybrid worker. But if you can make it work, the rewards are great!

Here are some tips for managing the hybrid work lifestyle while finding balance.

1. Make A Schedule & Stick To It

It can be tempting to just roll out of bed whenever you want and work in your PJs all day.

While there’s nothing wrong with this occasionally, it’s not a sustainable way to work long-term. This can lead to working odd hours and feeling like you’re never really off work.

The key to success in a hybrid work environment is to have consistency in your days.

Set a routine for when you work at home. Do you work better early in the morning or at night? Do you want to keep the same 9-5 hours at home as you do in the office?

Block off time in your calendar for work and stick to it.

You probably have tasks that need to be done in-office. And some tasks might be better suited for working from home. Set your schedule of to-dos to maximize your time and work efficiency depending on where you're located.

2. When You're Done Working, Leave The Work Alone

Working from home makes it too easy to check that email one more time or quickly hop on a work call outside of work hours.

  While it's important to be responsive to your team, you also need to have healthy limits.

  If you find yourself working after hours more often than not, that's a sign you need to set some stricter boundaries for yourself. And you need to signal to your brain when the work day is done so you can relax and enjoy your personal time.

  If it's difficult to transition from work to play during your remote work day, try using a work timer. Set it for an hour before you want to end the work day and start winding down when the timer goes off.

  Do something to cue your brain that it's time to "go home." Take a walk around the house or your neighborhood. Do mindfulness meditation. Make a cup of tea for yourself. Decompress with a D8 gummy to really relax your body and mind. It’s quittin’ time — so punch out!

3. Remember To Take Breaks

  When working from home, it's easy to forget to take breaks. But just because you're not physically leaving the house doesn't mean you shouldn't step away from your work.

  And don’t be tempted to go and do house chores during your break times at home. Your brain needs a break too!

  Take a real break, like you would at the office. Get up, walk around, and take some time for yourself. Instead of thinking about all the dirty dishes that need to get done, spend your break on a 10-minute mindfulness meditation.

4. Unclutter Your Space

  Speaking of dirty dishes, best to get them done before starting your work day. It's hard to focus when you're staring at a pile of laundry or dishes in your home office.

  A messy environment will detract from your focus and productivity. Do a quick tidy-up of your work area the night before. This might include keeping the living room, kitchen, and other spaces clean and clutter-free depending on where your home office is situated.

  That way you enter a calm and serene space in the morning, ready to take on the day.

5. Separate Spaces For Work & Home

Make sure you have a dedicated space in your home for work. If you spend a lot of time on the computer after work hours, your mind may start to associate your home with work. This can lead to burnout and feeling like you’re always working.

Some people like to decompress by playing video games, watching television, or scrolling through social media after work. It's best to have two separate spaces and computers for work and play.

But, if your fun-time computer is the same as your work computer, be sure to make a few changes to it. For example, when you're done with work, put all the work-related papers away and out of sight. You can also change the desktop wallpaper or screensaver to something different.

These visual cues tell your brain it’s time to move on to “after work” time. The more visual cues, the better.

6. Assess Your Home-Office Furniture

  Is your work space set up in a way that promotes good posture and ergonomics?

  Or is your "home office" your dining room table? If so, it's no wonder you can't concentrate.

  You need to have a dedicated space for work that is comfortable for multiple hours at a stretch. If you're going to be spending any significant amount of time working from home, it's worth investing in a comfortable chair and desk.

  Save yourself the back pain and tech-neck — prioritize comfort and support in your work furniture.

7. CBD Can Help You Ease The Stress Of Hybrid Work

Hybrid work has a lot of perks, but let's face it — sometimes it can be stressful to maintain all the boundaries and juggle both work and home life.

CBD can help you tame the tension of hybrid work by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. And in turn, this might help you focus better in your workspaces.

If you're struggling to find balance or manage the stress of your split work sitch, you might give CBD a try.

8. Make Sure Your Sleep Routine Is On Point

Sleep health is essential for your overall health. And when you're not getting enough sleep, it can be difficult to focus and be productive at work.

When you're working from home, it's easy to let work bleed into your personal life. And it can be tempting to work late into the night just because you can.

Make sure your sleep hygiene is on point by disconnecting from electronic screens an hour before bedtime, sleeping in a dark room, and avoiding caffeine late in the day

Set Up For Success In-Office & At Home

Hybrid work definitely has its pros, but it can also be difficult to maintain focus and productivity when you're not in an office environment all the time.  

The keys to success in a hybrid work situation include:

  • Separate work and play spaces in the home.
  • Consider ergonomic furniture.
  • Maintain an uncluttered home office.
  •  Set consistent routines for office and home-work.
  •  Take breaks no matter your work location.
  •  Keep stress at bay — CBD can be a helpful ally for relaxation and focus.
  •  Stop working when the workday is done.
  • Set good sleep habits.

By following these tips, you can make sure you're successful no matter where you're working from.


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